Sacrilegious Communion? Church Prepares for Annual ‘Pride Eucharist’


An Episcopal church in Austin, TX is currently gearing up for their third annual “pride eucharist.” While the meaning of communion according to Scripture has always been to remember that Jesus’ body was broken and His blood was shed on the cross for our sins, Jubilee Episcopal Church has decided to give an entirely new meaning to this most sacred event.

“Jubilee Episcopal Church is delighted to share our third annual pride eucharist will be in #pridemonth this year, on Sunday, June 9th!” A post read on Instagram. “Join us for Holy Eucharist – a service of holy words and a holy meal of bread and wine – wherein we will spend particular time celebrating God’s love for all LGBTQIA+ people.”

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The post continued to share the church would be putting together hygiene kits for the homeless and then have a reception afterwards. They also announced that congregants could order a limited-edition t-shirt with the proceeds going toward their children’s ministries.

In a video acquired by Protestia, Rev. Lizzie McManus-Dail of Jubilee Episcopal Church showed viewers what the limited-edition t-shirts looked like for this pride event.

“I always think it’s fun to have like concert tees or whatever for the pride eucharist,” McManus-Dail said in the video.

Florals and tie-dye covered the shirts, with adult and children’s sizes available. The shirts have statements like “pride eucharist” and “God made us in infinite color” on them.

When we take the bread of communion, we are to remember that Christ willing was nailed to a cross for our sake. He took on the sins of the world, not because He was guilty, but because He was innocent and took our place when we deserved it. Eucharist was never meant to be about us or celebrating ourselves. It has, and always will be, about the Savior of the world.

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