School Staff Ousted After Drag Queen’s Provocative Prom Performance


A high school principal and several staff members are out of a job following a drag queen’s provocative prom performance.

As American Faith reported, Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in New Mexico had a drag queen come to perform at the senior class prom. The drag queen, Mythica Sahreen, wore a scanty outfit and heels, and danced with a couple of students, twerking on them.

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“Could have kept it more on the side of like it being more PG with the fact that they kind of did twerk on a couple students,” one student said. “It wasn’t exactly the best, but it was something that did happen. And they did let students twerk on them.”

Even students who didn’t mind the performance felt that prom was an inappropriate time for this to take place.

“…it’s the place and where it happened, full of minors, you know, it wasn’t very appropriate for prom,” one of the students said.

Louder with Crowder posted on X addressing the situation.

“Can someone please explain how school administrators thought it was a good idea to have a drag queen perform at senior prom in attire that some kids would not even wear in a swim class?” Crowder wrote on X.

Beyond the mere explicit dancing the students said that the drag queen exposed themselves as well.

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“They kind of busted down, and I’m pretty sure they showed their crotch a little bit,” one student added.

Sahreen spoke with local Albuquerque news affiliate KOB4 off camera. He said he was not paid for the prom performance and that he is part of school’s gay-straight alliance.

As culture continues to grow darker and darker, especially affecting youth, Christians can no longer remain silent on the values and morals being promoted to their children. The enemy is like a hungry lion looking to devour anyone he possibly can. Now is the time to guide the next generation toward the Word of God and not away from it if we want to see them thrive into adulthood.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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