The Bird Flu Vaccines Are Here


The vaccines for the bird flu have arrived.

News of the bird flu has continued to escalate over the last few months. With growing panic about this illness, vaccines are going to start being distributed as early as next week.

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As The Express reported, Finland is about to be the very first nation in the world to begin the distribution of the vaccine. Those who work around animals such as those on farms will be the first to receive the vaccinations.

Right now, Finland has enough vaccinations for 10,000 people, and the vaccines will be administered with two doses. Reuters reported that this is part of a European Union decision to collect an upward of 40 million doses for 15 different nations. The vaccine manufacturer is CSL Seqirus, also known as CSL.AX.

In a June 21 update, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) wrote that they are continuing to “respond to the public health challenge posed by a multistate outbreak of avian influenza A (H5N1) virus…”

Right now, the CDC considers the current risk to the general American public to be low. With the cases that have occurred, “All three sporadic cases had direct contact with sick cows.”

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While the current H5N1 situation may be relatively non-existent, as Time magazine noted, the CDC is currently meeting from June 26 through June 28 to discuss the topic of vaccinations. Earlier this year, CBS also stated that the U.S. was working on creating a stockpile of 4.8 million doses of vaccinations against this flu.

In their news release, CSL Seqirus, the vaccine manufacturer, noted that their goal was “to complete the fill and finish process for pre-pandemic vaccine to support the U.S. government’s outbreak and preparedness response.”

While we don’t know what the coming days hold, we can know to trust that God is still on the throne and all power, authority and dominion is still His.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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