The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: A Prophetic Fulfillment


In a recent interview with Charisma Media, President and co-Founder of Destiny Encounters International Charlie Shamp revisited a prophetic word he received in August 2022, stating that “the hunter will become the hunted.”

This prophecy appears to be unfolding with the recent conviction of Hunter Biden on felony charges, including weapons possession.

Shamp stated, “When the word of the Lord comes, it will always come to pass. We are really seeing some uncovering of things that have been hidden and they’re now coming to light.” He believes this event signifies a move of God in America, emphasizing divine justice and a spiritual awakening beginning to take place.

The discussion also turned to former President Donald Trump. Shamp stands firm in his belief that Trump is destined to serve two terms as president.

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“I’ve always stood, dating all the way back to the original word that I had about Donald Trump, that he would have two terms. He would serve as a two-term president,” Shamp affirmed. He shared a dream from 2021 where he encouraged Trump, saying, “Don’t lose hope because God is bringing back America.”

Shamp’s prophetic journey has been marked by patience and precise timing. He recounted an example involving the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“The Lord had spoken to me about the invasion of Ukraine from the nation of Russia. I got that word a year before and the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Do not release it at this moment.’” The invasion occurred exactly a year after the prophecy was released publicly according to Shamp.

Navigating prophetic words often involves facing skepticism and backlash. Shamp shared an instance involving South Korea’s President Moon, a liberal leader whose election he had prophesied. Despite criticism from the Christian community, Shamp stood by his prophecy. “The word of the Lord is this: God is going to use this man,” he said, pointing out that Moon played a critical role in facilitating dialogue between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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Looking ahead, Shamp remains optimistic about America’s future, despite the challenges faced during President Biden’s administration. He believes the past few years have revealed the depth of darkness in the nation, which he interprets as a precursor to divine intervention.

“I believe that God has called America to be righteous. I believe that this nation is going to see a third Great Awakening, and I believe that we’re going to see America come into its greatest days,” Shamp says.

In this period of transition, Shamp emphasizes the importance of intimacy with the Holy Spirit and remaining true to God’s Word. He advises aspiring prophets to discern between personal desires and divine messages by staying “constantly fixed on the Word of God.”

As Shamp continues to share his prophetic insights, he remains committed to his belief in America’s divine destiny.

“The Lord is at work in our nation, at work in our government, and I believe that we’re going to see a great turnaround… the presence of God is going to sweep across this nation with His justice and His glory,” Shamp declares.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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