US. Agencies Cleared to Investigate Big Tech Giants Nvidia, OpenAI and Microsoft


The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have been cleared to look into the impacts of big tech on our society.

According to Reuters, these agencies have reached a deal that would allow them to look into the roles of Nvidia, OpenAI and Microsoft and their operations in the artificial intelligence field.

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Whistleblowers from OpenAI recently gave their concerns about the artificial intelligence giant, according to the Associated Press.

Daniel Ziegler, a former engineer for the tech giant saw the pace of AI’s development as “moving fast and there are a lot of strong incentives to barrel ahead without adequate caution.”

Another former employee of OpenAI, Daniel Kokotajlo left because he “lost hope that they would act responsibly.”

These potential investigations come after Sam Altman, the co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, decided to raise $7 trillion for his latest microchip project that would commence in the United Arab Emirates.

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Altman has already met with UAE officials to discuss creating the chip factories so that the future of artificial intelligence would be secured.

On Feb. 7, Altman wrote on X, “We believe the world needs more AI infrastructure—fab capacity, energy, datacenters, etc.—than people are currently planning to build.”

As AI continues to grow and shift our society, we must keep a watchful eye on not only the growth of artificial intelligence, but who is using it and what they are using it for. Artificial intelligence is a tool, and like any other tool we have the choice to us it either for good or for evil.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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