21 Baptized at Secular University as New Revival Reports Pour In


As the flames of the Holy Spirit continue to spread across the nation, there are new reports of young people answering the gospel’s call. And one noted evangelist says he believes “it’s just starting.”

As CBN News has reported, it all started as a spark on the campus of Asbury University, where thousands of Christians gathered for two weeks of Spirit-led worship, prayer and repentance. The outpouring has since touched the hearts and minds of young people on both Christian and secular university campuses, churches and youth events.

One place where the outpouring is being felt is Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. At a recent meeting, 300 students came to join the Collegiate Day of Prayer simulcast from Asbury in Wilmore, Kentucky. Dr. Malachi O’Brien posted to Twitter on Wednesday that the students brought in a pool for what they thought would be three baptisms—instead 21 people came forward to be baptized.

In an email to CBN News, Pastor Dave Shockey of the Purdue Christian Campus House gave even more details about what happened on the Boilermaker campus.

“A week before the National Day of Prayer, some of our student leaders were thinking about going to Asbury, but felt like God asked them do stay at Purdue and do an event here. They asked me what I thought, and we’ve hosted prayer and worship events a bunch of different times for the NCDOP (National Collegiate Day of Prayer) over the years. We quickly pulled together an event,” Shockey recalled.

“Several ministries at Purdue joined together for the night especially Campus House (my church), Greek InterVarsity, and Chi Alpha who decided to cancel their big meeting and join the collaborative prayer and worship event. We had students from a lot of other churches and ministries there as well including Cru, BYX and Stewart cooperative. We also had some pastors from Indianapolis join, as well as 420 ministries in Indy who led worship for the first half of the night,” the pastor explained.

“We had a couple of students who’d recently met the Lord through our Alpha ministry want to get baptized so we had scheduled part of the night for their baptisms,” he continued.

“The night was focused on reflecting and praising God for how good He was. We talked about baptism and baptized the students who had planned to be baptized. Made an invitation for any others who wanted to be baptized and a line started to form. We baptized about 8-10 more people and had to pause so we could keep worshipping and praying. Students shared testimonies and praises. Other students led corporate repentance and prayer,” Shockey recalled.

March CM Cover“It was really sweet, but baptisms just didn’t stop. By the end of the night, we’d baptized at least 21 people but we’re not completely sure the whole number because many pastors and leaders from different congregations were baptizing their people,” the Campus House pastor said.

“It was a wild night. All said and done we prayed and worshipped for more than 4.5 hours and God moved,” he concluded.

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