5 Signs that Might Show a Shift in American Culture


Christians can no longer deny that Satan is doing everything he can to reshape American society with a value system reflective of himself.

In some areas he is succeeding with hardly any fight being put up.

Yet in recent days, there have been some signs of life in the fight against extremism and “woke” ideologies.

Recently, Fox News contributor and writer Liz Peek highlighted five significant events that show people are getting fed up with the lunacy taking over the culture.

  • Joe Biden shocked Leftists by declaring he will veto Washington, D.C.’s new soft-on-crime bill, leaving 173 House Democrats who voted for it twisting in the wind.

After overruling the mayor of Washington D.C.’s veto of the controversial bill that would lower penalties for crimes such as carjacking’s, the city council pressed forward with its wildly unpopular bill.

Yet in a surprising turn of events, and credit to where it’s due, President Joe Biden stated he would veto this bill should it reach his desk in its current form.

While the city council has since withdrawn the bill in the wake of backlash and lack of support for it, the lawlessness rising in America has become a front and center issue for many voters.

Not to mention, Jesus delivered humanity from lawlessness on the cross (Titus 2:14), so any place that is enduring an increase in such activity is engaged in a spiritual battle as well.

  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot gets unceremoniously dumped by voters and a pro-cop Democrat leads the initial round of voting.

Piggybacking off Americans rejection of the D.C. soft on crime bill, Lightfoot became the first Chicago mayor to lose a reelection bid since 1983.

This is a huge rejection of the anti-law attitude that has plagued major cities in the U.S. for several years now.

Throw in Lightfoot’s aggressive, anti-Christian viewpoints and pro-LGBTQ stance, and this is a thorough rejection of the woke mind virus that is transforming once beautiful cities like San Francisco into cesspools that are seeing its residents flee to less crime-ridden destinations.

  • Puffin Books faces outrage by vowing to make Roald Dahl’s iconic books woke, and quickly announces it will continue to publish the originals.

People are starting to realize that the book “1984” may no longer be just a piece of literature, but a glimpse into the future.

Outraged ensued when Puffin Books announced changes to the writings of English author Roald Dahl, all to be more “inclusive” to a “modern audience.”

Essentially re-writing children’s classics like “Matilda,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach,” fans of Dahl ignited a firestorm on social media calling on the publisher to retract these proposed changes.

Whether they try to change the literature again in the future remains to be seen, but for now, children will still be able to read books not injected with far-left ideologies.

  • #BoycottHershey’s trends on Twitter for two days as critics bash their ad campaign honoring women that features a trans activist.

Taking a page from M&M’s and the Mars corporation, Hershey’s decided to throw its weight in the ring of insulting every woman on earth by using a biological man to honor women on “International Women’s Day.”

The spiritual battle to erase women and the nuclear family has been going on for decades. Now, secular society says it is offensive to say only women can be mothers, and uses language like “birthing person” to describe a woman.

As deceived men continue to try and erase the uniqueness and feminine beauty of women, Satan is doing everything he can to put this battle front and center to erode the confidence and strength of real mothers, wives and daughters into thinking they are anything lesser than beloved daughters of the King.

  • The Board of Governors at the University of North Carolina voted to ban “DEI” statements in connection with hiring, admissions or promotions at the prestigious campus.

Perhaps the least likely outcome of late was the rejection and not full-on embrace of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) statements and compelled speech from UNC.

Academia has been the breeding ground for anti-God, radical leftist ideologies for decades, and to see a major university say no to the very unequal policies that promote division and bigotry while employing practices that promote excellence in work and achievement, is encouraging to say the least.

Americans are seeing that the path the country is on is one of destruction and chaos. A path that does not glorify God nor obey His commands. But positive strides can be made, first and foremost with genuinely repentant hearts that love and obey the Word of God. That is how real change can be made in a society spiraling out of control. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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