Asbury Line Stretches a Half Mile as Revival Flourishes


The revival at Asbury University is now in its 10th day as thousands of people continue to make the spiritual pilgrimage to this town in hopes of encountering more of God.

The revival is now officially in overflow mode with the line of people to get inside stretching nearly a half mile long. CBN News spoke with folks from all over the country who were waiting patiently to get into Hughes Auditorium here at Asbury so they can experience revival for themselves.

Andrew Hager of Lexington, Kentucky said, “God is here! God is here and He’s working right now, come and get you some, you hear me.”

Joao Pires, 29, drove all the way from Florida to ask God a simple question. “Lord, if you want me to go back to preaching, if you want me to plant this church that I’ve had in my heart for years to plant, I need someone to prophesy over me right now,” he explained.

Joao’s prayer was answered when he ran into a well-known local preacher who said things that only God knew about him. “He prays over me and he literally just declares what I’ve been praying over my life and I thought it was insane,” Joao told CBN News.

Dr. Jeff Gossmann, Regent University’s director of Campus Ministries, drove 10 hours from Virginia Beach after hearing about what God is doing here.

New CM Cover“Well everybody at Regent right now, including all the executive vice presidents, are all crying out for revival—they’re having extra prayer services over there right now. They want the presence of the Lord on campus so we’re just so thankful that they sent us here to get whatever we can to bring back,” Gossmann said.

On Thursday, persistent rains did not dampen spirits for those waiting to get inside.

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