Author Terri Hasdorff Emphasizes Importance of Voting in Midterms


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The midterm elections are just a couple weeks away on Nov. 8th and millions of Christians nationwide are still not registered to vote. I’m writing this to motivate every Christian to go out and vote and most importantly to vote your principals.

I’m amazed at the studies that come out that some Christians don’t even register and those who do register, the percentage who vote in every election doesn’t fare much different from the general public. We believers ought to set a higher standard. There’s no reason not to vote especially with the ease of absentee voting.

I recently reached out to Terri Hasdorff, a political consultant who felt so strong about this issue that she ran for congress. She recently wrote a book “Running Into The Fire.” I invited her to be on my “Strang Report” podcast.

We talked about the importance of voting and also talked about her new book which I personally read and highly recommend.

“There’s 15 million Americans who are Christians that are not registered to vote and when you think about those numbers, about 63 to 67% of Americans identify as Christian,” Hasdorff says.

This is a critical time in our nation. We can all remember the 2000 election that took place in my home state Florida, between Al Gore and George W. Bush that was decided by just barely over 500 votes. Even Florida governor Ron DeSantis won by a very slim margin.

Here’s what Hasdorff says you can do to make a difference in the midterms:

  • The last 72 hours are critical. Make sure to do your homework on the candidates so that you’ve really figured out who the right ones are to get behind.

  • Go door to door to help encourage others to vote and get registered to vote.

  • Over the next month, attend meetings, town halls and campaign events because that makes a difference for the candidates you support.

  • Call your Supervisor of Elections and see what you need to do to work the polls.

  • Most importantly, pray for those candidates and get out there and vote.

Whomever is elected will take part in critical votes that come up in Congress. Who Christians help put into office will be in control for the next two years. I was a Democrat for over 20 years, but that was before the party excommunicated anyone who doesn’t tow the party line. Now is the time for conservatives to take back Congress and vote in more Republican governors.

Hasdorff named her book “Running Into The Fire” to highlight a critical issue in the church today. Many Christians don’t get involved in politics because they feel it’s dirty and corrupt. Just like law enforcement and firefighters, instead of running away from a burning building we should run right into it to help save our nation.

“As Christians, we’re called to walk in faith, not fear. And we’ve given into fear. And we’ve abdicated the role that I believe God has for us in government,” Hasdorff says. She believes there is a void right now that’s being filled by the wrong people.

One of the most impactful issues right now for the American people is all of the economy. Gas prices are as high as six dollars in some states and this takes a toll on the average American. We’ve got to get a handle on some of these extreme policies that are causing the inflation.

“The thing that has troubled me so much is that our country is right on the brink of socialism. Socialism, at it’s core, is about replacing God with government and freedom with tyranny,” Hasdorff says.

You’re vote counts and if possible go out and vote on Election Day. Read Terri Hasdorff’s book and refer it to your friends. This is a call to action for Christians to be more engaged politically. Her book will equip you to know how to make a difference, be effective and connect with other like-minded people.

The media is trying to tell us there won’t be a red wave but we need to show them that’s not true. Do the small things, get involved and together we will make a difference. {eoa}


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