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‘Avalanche of Filth’: Kirk Cameron Takes on Scholastic Books for Pushing Immoral Content to Kids


For years Kirk Cameron has made public libraries a focal point in his effort to make wholesome content available to kids. The actor and producer is now entering a new arena by competing against Scholastic Book Fairs which is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books.

He is partnering with Sky Tree Book Fairs, a nonprofit group that aims to equip children with books that promote positive values and lifestyles all while respecting parents and guardians as the ultimate authority to determine what their child reads.

“We see that there is such an avalanche of filth and material that’s twisting the minds of children about the most basic things of reality and families, gender, faith, what is America,” Cameron said in an interview with CBN News.

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Scholastic Books have been a long-time staple in America’s public schools – but Cameron says the publisher has taken a turn by now pushing sexually explicit and other harmful content to kids.

He recently highlighted one example of a book called Welcome to St. Hell, which glamorizes gender transitioning to a vulnerable audience: middle schoolers.

“We all grew up with Scholastic, everyone, as the publisher of these great books, and Clifford the Big Red Dog and Stuart Little and James and The Giant Peach and all the fun little crossword puzzles. Well, their book fairs are now filled with the kind of progressive, socialist Marxist material that is undermining God, family and the country,” Cameron said.

Across the country the fight over such content in schools is growing. The Virginia Beach, Virginia, school board recently voted to put a committee in place to keep such content from elementary libraries.

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“I think we should fill our limited space in our libraries with books that are uplifting, that help to develop children and that achieve our primary task which is to teach them to read, write, understand science, appreciate great literature, understand history,” said Virginia Beach School Board Member David Culpepper. “Those books should not be harmful.”

As a counter to that move, Cameron wants to provide students with better options and schools with empowering alternatives.{eoa}

To read the full story, visit our content partners at CBN News.

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