CBN’s Pat Robertson Infuriates Christians With Comments on President Trump


Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and long-time host of The 700 Club, was trending on Twitter Monday with tens of thousands of tweets responding to his biting comments on President Trump being “very erratic,” living in “an alternate reality” and how he should “move on” from the election fraud.

These unexpected comments come weeks after Robertson said the Lord told him that Trump would win reelection.

Reactions from Christian leaders and devoted followers of Jesus have been swift, rejecting Robertson’s sudden assertion that Biden “won” the election. They are calling him out with comments on hypocrisy, lack of discernment and lack of faith.

Simultaneously, liberals are praising Robertson as “a voice of reason.” A liberal journalist at Vox tweeted at Robertson, “welcome to the resistance [against Trump].”

Robertson’s statements, his personal opinion, were made following a news statement discussing a potential 2024 presidential run.

“In the last four years, Dr. Robertson has been a strong, vocal supporter of a great many positions President Trump has taken on a number of issues,” says Chris Roslan, spokesman for CBN. “Dr. Robertson expressed his disagreement with the latest efforts to fight the election results—despite Dr. Robertson’s belief that those results are corrupt.”

Robertson also expressed his disappointment in how the evangelical community has overlooked some of President Trump’s poor decisions and remarks merely because they felt he was “on their side.”

“Dr. Robertson continues to pray for the president every day and encourages others to do the same,” Roslan says.

Based on social media comments, the perception is that Robertson, who once ran for president decades ago, has given up the fight to preserve freedom and rights protected under the U.S. Constitution. He has put his thoughts, feelings and wavering faith ahead of prophetic words, including what he shared, on President Trump being inaugurated president for a second term.

Rodney Howard-Browne, senior pastor of The River Church in Tampa, Florida, tweeted yesterday, “this is mind-blowing to me how preachers can be so dumb.”

Pastor Howard-Browne added in a separate tweet, “Don’t listen to Pat!”

Pastor Darrel Scott, a leader of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, echoed suspicion of Robertson’s turnabout regarding the president. He tweeted that “The same Pat Robertson that said GOD ‘told him’ that President @realdonaldtrump would win the election is now saying that the President is living in an alternate reality? #PotCallingKettleBlack.”

Pointing out Robertson’s gullibility to become a pawn in the Democrats’ battle against the truth, Greg Kelly, host of “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax TV, tweeted:

The timing of Robertson’s negative pronouncement about Trump is peculiar. Although the Supreme Court has, so far, refused to hear any case about election fraud, several members of Congress plan to contest the results of the election at the Wednesday, Jan. 6 convening of Congress. A path to victory for President Trump, although slim, still exists constitutionally.

Apart from the Holy Spirit showing up at the last minute to deliver America from the clutches of a stolen election that could usher in socialism, bigger government control, compulsive globalism, an anti-America agenda in the White House and increasingly rampant corruption, Robertson will be seen by some as a quitter who stopped trusting God at one of the most critical times in American history.

In the book Miracles of the American Revolution, author Larkin Spivey says true Christians kept believing God to save America at critical moments in the late eighteenth century, even when it appeared that all hope was lost.

Undeterred, millions of Christians continue to pray and stand in faith that the truth will come out about the presidential election, the lies to hurt Trump will be exposed and the patriots—”We the People” who love God and this nation—will be able to save the republic from what MyPillow CEO and outspoken Christian, Mike Lindell, calls “the biggest election fraud in world history.”

In adversity, faith rises. The good news is that, unlike Pat Robertson, God is not a quitter.


A.B. Petrucci, a freelance writer, contributed to this report.


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