Chris Reed Shares 10 Key Prophetic Insights for America in 2023


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Over the course of three months MorningStar President Chris Reed, fasted, prayed and sat with the Lord to hear what He was saying about 2023. This is part-one of the specifics God spoke to him about what is coming this year and into the next.

In the exclusive Charisma News interview, Reed shared prophetic words from last year that came to pass. It’s important that the body of Christ comes together and looks at the words God is giving and reviewing to see what has or has not happened.

We are breaking down his interview into three parts. In this article, we are focusing on everything God spoke concerning 2023 and America.

Here is a breakdown for things to be looking out for:

  1. Exposing of Chinese bribery and money that was used to influence politics, specifically the Hunter Biden laptop case. Reed says he saw it, “centerfold in the news and really hurt Joe Biden’s presidency.”
  2. Whether it is this term or a second, Reed believes Biden will not finish the term.
  3. A continued rise in inflation and a nose dive in real estate values. “Some of these things we can pray into to lessen or avert from being a victim to them,” Reed says.
  4. Crime rates will continue to increase across the country.
  5. A significant sized building will collapse from a severe weather event.
  6. Reed saw oil saturated beaches in Florida, which he believes is a third test for Gov. Ron DeSantis. “This is the third test for him to pass because I believe God has future leadership positions for him in D.C.,” Reed says.
  7. Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis battle it out for the Republican primary nomination for 2024. Pray for them, they would have peace and reconciliation.
  8. The immigration problem will continue into 2023, until there are exposures about what is being transported across the border then everyone will come together.
  9. Information will come out regarding the 2020 election process.
  10. Reed believes the 2024 Democratic nomination will not be a Biden-Harris ticket.

For more details on each of these prophetic insights click here to watch the full video. {eoa}

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.


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