Christian Baker Back in Court, Faces Death Threats for Clinging to His Faith


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Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips is back in court again. This time for choosing not to make a cake celebrating a gender transition.

In 2018, Phillips won a partial victory at the Supreme Court after refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding because of his religious beliefs.

As CBN News reported, in a 7-2 ruling, the high court agreed the Colorado Civil Rights Commission overstepped its legal limits. They said the state acted with anti-religious bias in enforcing the anti-discrimination law against Phillips after he refused to bake a cake celebrating the wedding of Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins in 2012.

The justices called the commission unfairly dismissive of Phillips’ religious beliefs.

Now his attorney is urging the state’s appeals court to overturn a more recent ruling against him that claims he violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by not making the transgender cake.

Autumn Scardina called Phillips’ suburban Denver cake shop in 2017—on the same day the Supreme Court announced it would hear Jack’s initial case—requesting a birthday cake that had blue frosting on the outside and was pink inside to celebrate her gender transition.

Scardina testified she wanted to “challenge the veracity” of Phillips’ statements that he would serve LGBT customers.

Jack said he couldn’t bake the cake due to his religious convictions.

Phillips said he’s fighting for the rights of all Americans to live according to their consciences “without fear of punishment” by the government.

Since 2012, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop has been targeted nonstop and has continually found himself in court defending his religious beliefs.

“It’s one thing to be sued repeatedly; it’s another to watch your family suffer harassment and face death threats, be forced to lay off longtime employees, and lose a substantial part of your business,” reads a statement from the ADF.

“No American should be bullied or banished from the marketplace simply for living and working consistently with their faith. But this new lawsuit threatens to do just that,” ADF stated. “Opponents of religious freedom want to strip away our freedom to live and work consistently with our deeply held beliefs. And they’re going to extreme lengths to punish those—like Jack—who are willing to stand for their faith.”

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