CN Morning Rundown: God Vindicates Elderly Street Preacher, Acquitted of ‘Hate Speech’ Charges


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God Vindicates Elderly Street Preacher, Acquitted of ‘Hate Speech’ Charges

An elderly pastor who was arrested by police last year for preaching on a public street in London has been cleared of all “hate speech” charges against him. He had been accused of a crime for teaching what the Bible says about marriage.

Pastor John Sherwood was acquitted by the Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on April 7, according to his colleague Pastor Peter Simpson writing for the website Conservative Woman.

As CBN News reported in April of 2021, Sherwood and Simpson of the Penn Free Methodist Church of Penn, England, were preaching outside of the Uxbridge Underground Station located in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s own constituency, according to Breitbart.

Sean Feucht: ‘We Have a Voice That Can Change Things Economically for Disney’

Sean Feucht, a worship leader turned social activist, announced Wednesday afternoon he is leading a “Hold the Line” rally next month at the Walt Disney World complex in central Florida.

Feucht declared news of the May 16 rally just a couple weeks after hosting a similar event at The Walt Disney Company headquarters in Burbank, California. Hundreds of Christians and conservatives — including at least one current Disneyland cast member — participated in that rally.

The protests come as Florida has drawn national media attention over its Parental Rights in Education bill, which Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law in late March. The bill will go into effect July 1.

Branded a Racist, Former School Administrator Fights Legal Battle Against ‘Bullying’ District

These days, it doesn’t seem to matter if you apologize for a “slip of the tongue,” unless perhaps you carry the influence of someone like Whoopi Goldberg. Then the cancel culture and “woke” society might forgive you.

But if you’re someone like Emily Mais, forgiveness and grace are foreign words. Mais, a former school administrator in Virginia, has become embroiled in a legal battle over what she says was a racially hostile environment, media outlets have reported.

A former assistant principal at Agnor-Hurt Elementary School in Albemarle County, Virginia, Mais is suing the school district claiming she was “bullied,” forced out of her job over accusations of harassment and racism for something she said during a training exercise last September. Fox News reported that during the training session centered around a book called Courageous Conversations About Race, Mais used the term “colored people” instead of “people of color” when asking about one of the presentation slides. {eoa}

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