Lakewood Church

Video Footage Shows Officer Praying During Lakewood Church Shooting


Video footage from the Lakewood Church shooting has been released following the Feb. 11 incident.

In the footage from both security and police body cameras, congregants are seen running for cover while officers prepare to fire.

As the Associated Press reported, footage shows the shooter, Genesse Moreno, arriving at Lakewood with her son in a white SUV.

As shots were fire, officers can be heard discussing what was happening at the moment.

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“Put the weapon down now,” one officer said.

“She may have a bomb,” another said.

As one of the officers got closer to Moreno, she can be heard saying, “We need to approach. Father God, just be with us. Forgive us our sins.”

The video footage also includes Moreno’s son covering his ears during the scenario before he was injured.

After the child was hit, Moreno can be heard saying, “You killed my son,” and “Stand down; I have a bomb.”

Another brief moment of prayer occurred after the boy was injured as an officer saw him shot in the head, stating, “Father God, please bring him close to You.”

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Houston Police Chief Troy Finner also made a post on X where he wrote: “Our hearts are heavy as 7-year-old Samuel Moreno continues to fight for his life. No child should ever be placed in that position. He needs our support and prayers.”

The rest of Finner’s tweet acknowledged the traumatic contents of the footage.

“We realize the video of this shooting may be unsettling to members of the community. HPD is releasing it as part of our commitment to release critical incident videos within 30 days. While we know there are unanswered questions, this is still an active investigation. We will continue to work with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to thoroughly examine all aspects of this incident.”

As Click 2 Houston noted, Lakewood pastor, Joel Osteen sent out an email to church members where he condemned the shooting as a “pure act of evil.” {eoa}

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