Demon-Possessed Man Leads Police to Grim Crime Scene


Deliverance from demonic influence and oppression was a key component to Jesus’ ministry on earth, and He commanded His followers to continue this practice.

Without deliverance, demons are given free reign to torture the souls they oppress.

Demon possession can result in fierce aggression, much like the two possessed men in Matthew 28. This does not mean that every aggressive person is demon-possessed, but Christians must use discernment when encountering evil spirits.

Some crimes committed are so heinous however, that even the authorities investigating the crime, perhaps Christians themselves, recognize the work of the devil and his minions. This was the case in Holiday, Florida, in Pasco County.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco announced that Oscar Solis, an ex-convict and suspected member of the MS-13 gang, has been arrested and charged with murdering and dismembering Uber Eats driver Randall Cooke.

“This person killed him for no reason” Nocco says.

Cooke, 59, was last seen April 19, after he texted his wife that he was on his last delivery for the night. That was the last time the two communicated.

Kathy Cooke later reported her husband missing when he never returned home that night.

Uber Eats in turn worked with detectives to find the missing driver by providing his last known whereabouts, which turned out to be a house in the 3400 block of Moog Road.

The man believed to have answered the door, and was an occupant in the house, was Oscar Adrian Solis, 30. Solis, a convicted felon with a long rap sheet and a suspected member of the MS-13 gang, was arrested initially for his failure to register as a felon in the state of Florida. This was a violation of his parole in Indiana, where he had been released after a four-year prison sentence for assault and burglary.

Solis was living in the house with at least one other man who was his roommate.

The following morning, Solis was seen on the home’s cameras, which had suspiciously gone black when Cooke approached the house with a delivery, walking around the house with another man, each one carrying trash bags.

According to the arrest affidavit, one of the men was seen on video dragging a large, heavy bag.

Sheriff Nocco reported that the bags contained the remains of Cooke.

According to Fox News, “Detectives believe Solis pulled the victim into his home and attempted to rob him, then killed him and attempted to conceal his remains, according to an arrest affidavit.

“Investigators found blood, Cooke’s wedding band and his car keys inside the home. Solis, who was already locked up on the parole violation, was arrested again for felony murder and robbery.”

Nocco was aghast that Solis had been released from prison with his criminal past, saying, “You’re talking about a very violent individual that Indiana released and sent down to Florida.

“Now, we have a hardworking guy, a loving husband who is no longer with us.

“He was a guy like everybody else, just trying to make a living for his family,” Nocco added.

According to the detectives working the case, Solis’ roommate heard “loud noises” coming from Solis’ room around 2 a.m. the night Cooke went missing.

As reported by WESH Orlando:

“In the days that followed, detectives scoured the neighborhood for evidence to build their case against Solis. Blood was found in several areas of the home, according to the arrest report. The driver’s car was later found abandoned about 0.3 miles away from the home with ‘blood-soaked rags and paper towels, along with a red DoorDash bag similar to the one [the driver] was observed carrying.’

“This was a horrific crime of passion,” Sheriff Nocco told reporters. “What he did is demonic, but at the same time, we couldn’t answer the question why.”

This tragic, senseless act showcases the growing lawlessness rampaging across America. Far too many people no longer respect the rule of law, or hold onto biblical morality, and this opens the door for demonic influences.

Without deliverance ministry, the types of spirits that can influence and possess humans to commit such atrocities will continue to run rampant.

So, like Jesus did in Matthew 8, Christians must begin equipping themselves with the full armor of God, and cast out the demons tormenting society in Jesus’ mighty name. {eoa}

To learn more about deliverance ministry, check out Apostle Alexander Pagani’s life-changing book: “The Secrets to Deliverance: Defeat the Toughest Cases of Demonic Bondage.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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