Demonic Divide in America: Adult Man Kills Teenager For Being A Republican


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The alleged killer in North Dakota who has been accused of running 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with his car has been released from jail after posting his $50,000 bond. Forty-one year-old Shannon Brandt has been charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident.

In a troubling video that is circulating of Brandt, it appears he doesn’t understand what he did wrong. “I have a job, a life and a house and things I don’t want to see go by the wayside–family that are very important to me,” Brandt says.

For someone who just allegedly ran over an innocent teenager, Brandt isn’t displaying any remorse or repentance for just ending a young life. Instead he is more concerned about how murdering someone will have affected his life.

North Dakota Highway Patrol responded to the scene of the hit-and-run Sunday morning. Brandt was arrested in McHenry, North Dakota and taken to the Stutsman County Jail. An affidavit obtained by Fox News shows Brandt telling first responders that the death stemmed from an argument over politics, and that he was afraid Ellingson was calling people to come and get him.

According to an affidavit the teenager was actually calling his mother to come and get him because Brandt was following him.

Brandt admitted to leaving the scene of the crime after mowing the teen down and returning not long after to call 911. He then left again before law enforcement arrived. Brandt was placed under arrest for a DUI after first responders found him at his house.

Brandt says he thought the 18-year-old victim was part of a Republican extremist group, though that claim has not been backed up anywhere else.

Although there has been some mainstream media coverage of the deadly and allegedly politically motivated hit-and-run, there is no outcry from democrats about the violence from those on their side of the aisle.

This brutal attack comes just three weeks after President Joe Biden took the stage on Sept. 1 with an eerie, red backdrop to condemn the MAGA supporters. In his speech he says MAGA Republicans are “a threat to this country.”

Biden continued in his speech saying, “I will defend our democracy with every fiber of my being, and I’m asking every American to join me,” he says. How does he want Americans to join him in defending the country? For people who lack any moral conscious Biden’s comment could be taken in a violent manner.

It’s unclear whether Brandt’s decision to run over a teenager was because of the president’s rhetoric, but many are wondering if there is a connection.

Whether Democrat or Republican, those living in this country need to wake up to the demonic influence that is trying to separate and divide Americans. What happened to the times where people could come together and share their opinions with love and respect?

The Bible says our war is not against flesh and blood and your fellow neighbor is not your enemy. Christians need to pray that this country would be unified to fight back against the schemes of the enemy that are trying to tear this it apart from the inside out. {eoa}

Shelby Lindsay is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.


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