Dinesh D’Souza Reveals Obama’s Shocking Religious and Political Beliefs


For many voters, pinning down President Barack Obama’s religious beliefs before he was elected or while he was in office proved to be impossible.

Rumors swirled that he secretly held Islamic beliefs. Others said he was a devout Christian. And because of his ambiguous and confusing statements, still others claimed he was the Antichrist or involved in some kind of syncretistic cult.

Preacher and author Jack Hibbs sat down with Dinesh D’Souza to ask what the Christian apologist and author found in his research on the former president’s actual beliefs.

“Here’s my take on it,” D’Souza says. “His father was born a Muslim but became an atheist. His mother was an atheist from a very young age. His stepfather, a guy named Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia, was also born a Muslim but became an atheist.”

“So he [Obama] was raised by three atheists,” D’Souza adds. “I don’t believe that he has an ounce of religious faith of any kind in his upbringing.” Despite Obama’s lack of religious beliefs, D’Souza does think President Obama had beliefs.

“Through his father and a series of mentors, he developed a passionate hostility to the United States of America as being a rogue nation,” he explains. “One of the reasons that Obama is sympathetic to these Muslim rebel movements is he thinks we’re oppressing them. We’re occupying Iraq, and we’re occupying Afghanistan kind of like the British occupied India and Kenya. And so, the guys we’re fighting, they’re heroes. They’re like Gandhi. They’re like Mandela. They’re like his [Obama’s] dad. They’re freedom fighters.”

According to D’Souza, because of Obama’s atheism, the former president didn’t attend religious services anywhere in the beginning of his political career. “He worked in Chicago with church groups,” he says. “These were left-wing church groups, but they were fighting for social justice. So every time Obama would meet the priests and the pastors in his network, they’d say to him, ‘Hey Obama, where do you go to church?'”

“So one of his buddies told Obama, ‘Listen, you kind of have to pretend to go,” D’Souza continues. “Even if you don’t go, go find a church. Go check out this Trinity Church in Chicago.’ Now, by amazing coincidence, when Obama went to that church, he found a kind of a third-world guy, by which I mean Rev. Wright would wear African dashikis.

And really [Rev. Wright’s] main theme was not civil rights,” he says. “It was foreign policy. [It was] how America is the evil nation in the world. We bombed Grenada. We bombed Libya. We are the ones who used atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and at the end of it, of course, [expletive] America!’

“And Obama was like, ‘Right on. That’s what my dad believed,'” D’Souza says.

D’Souza claims his research into Obama’s beliefs reveal that conspiracy theorists and most commentators and voters didn’t understand Obama’s real convictions. He believes Obama isn’t a Christian, a Muslim or even a civil rights activist. D’Souza claims Obama is an anti-colonialist who thinks America is fundamentally an evil empire.

“I’d call it third-world liberation theology,” he explains. “That’s his doctrine. It’s not traditional Christianity.”

“Third-world liberation theology makes Jesus into a Marxist guerrilla revolutionary,” D’Souza concludes. ” And He’s fighting against the ‘evil empire.’ The liberation theologians of today are fighting the ‘evil empire,’ and who’s the ‘evil empire?’ The United States.”

For a more in-depth commentary on how D’Souza claims Obama helped destroy the United States from within, watch the rest of the video. {eoa}

Rob Vischer is a freelance writer for Charisma Media.

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