Is God Raising Up Kari Lake as a New Breed of Prophetic Politician?


Kari Lake, a Ron DeSantis-like politician, is running for governor in Arizona, but she communicates like a prophet operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She doesn’t just speak; she prophesies in almost everything she says, painting a picture of a more wholesome, wise and prosperous future for her state and for America with boldness.

“God has given us all an ability, a talent, and this is the moment to use it,” Lake says. “We’re in the eleventh hour to save this country. We need to wake up and get moving and save it right away.” She adds, “We’re dangerous because we’re telling the truth, and [the corrupt politicians in power] have to have lies to keep their tyranny going, and we’re not going to allow it anymore.”

Vocal on many issues that the majority of people care about, Lake is a self-described “woman of faith” who defies the model of a “politician,” but she is leading in her gubernatorial race—reportedly “leading by a mile.”

She is a paradox in today’s prevailing, anti-Christian culture. She has not allowed herself to be cancelled. She doesn’t give up espousing her faith in Christ as a guide as she runs for significant political office. She is not compromising her Christian values.

Because she relentlessly tells the truth, she may be one of the most dangerous women in America today—and exactly the type of person the Holy Spirit can use to bring real change to America. Does she represent a new breed of political leader with a prophetic gifting?

President Trump has publicly endorsed Lake as an America-first agenda candidate, but she may actually be a throwback to American Revolutionary times as a Jesus-first political leader, believing that, as she says, “God had a hand in creating this country.” As a leading Christian conservative with humility, eloquence and impeccable character, she aims to help bring America back to God.

Lake says, “People are not tuned into God right now. As a society, we’ve pushed God out. We can’t utter the name ‘God’ in schools. We cannot write ‘God’ in social media. We’ve pushed God out, and we’re seeing the consequences of that. It’s not pretty. I think we need to bring God back into our hearts and homes.”

The gravity of her words is making people around the country take notice of a Christian woman with the heart of the Founding Fathers and the overturn-the-table-of-the-money-changers chutzpah of Jesus Christ.

Lake is a tough fighter for pro-life, pro-freedom and pro-America causes, but like Jesus did with the woman at the well, she shows love to people whom the Christian community often rejects. She did an event recently with #WalkAway Campaign founder Brandon Straka, who has been graciously accepted by a large portion of the conservative Christian community, including leaders such as Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and host of Huckabee on the TBN Network.

Straka has been unfairly and unjustly persecuted for attending the Jan. 6 gathering and was falsely accused, but his faith is being restored; he sees what God is doing in America today as a sign of hope. He shared what he thinks is happening in the country today.

Straka said at the event with Lake, televised on Real America’s Voice on June 11, “It seems that God is choosing very unusual people to do very extraordinary work, and I think you (Kari Lake) are one of them.”

Lake replied to Straka by sharing a prophetic word without missing a beat: “Someone said God is calling up His officers and His army, and I believe that right now.”

On her website,, Lake outlines her position on each of the major issues. One of them is protecting religious freedom: “As Americans, we have the freedom to worship where, when, and how we choose. I will work with our legislature to pass a law preventing any government interference of this fundamental liberty under any circumstances. No governor, no Mayor, no board will have the right to shut down religious observances or worship. Ever,” she wrote in a public statement on her site.

She also takes a strong stand for life: “I am pro-life and believe that every life, starting at conception, is worth saving. The pro-life movement stands strongly in support of providing the resources necessary for mothers to embrace life, as do I. As Governor, I will put significant new resources into helping pregnant women choose life-saving options including adoption, parental support and guidance, and neo-natal treatment,” wrote Lake on her website.

Lake has also confronted “cancel culture” head-on. “We’ve allowed a handful of perpetually aggrieved emotional infants to hijack our language and culture while trying to dictate the words we speak and the thoughts we are allowed to hold,” she says. “We used to call these people what they are: mentally unbalanced. We humored them, but we ignored them. Then along came Twitter, and suddenly tech companies, media, schools, and governments decided it was better to give the unbalanced what they wanted than ignore a bunch of unhinged tweets. In turn, these self-appointed high-priests of cancellation are making everyone else’s lives miserable. Why are we allowing this? The vast majority of Arizonans, and Americans generally, abhor political correctness and cancel culture.”

She adds, “This isn’t a game anymore. This is about your freedom. Freedom from censorship. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from thought-control. Freedom to not be afraid that a slip of the tongue today, or 20 years ago, will be used to take your job, your life away. The unholy alliance between cancel culture, big tech, higher education, and government must be broken.”

Lake demonstrated her courage on a personal level at the Q-and-A session with Brandon Straka. She prophetically ministered to Straka, as if her words were intended to restore him. This is not typical of “establishment” politicians. She illustrated a different kind of leadership, one that is rare today.

“I don’t cancel people. The Left cancels people. You didn’t do anything wrong, Brandon. You showed up [on Jan. 6] to show your support for our country,” says Lake, pointing at Straka. “I say you’re going to wear this as a badge of courage and someday you’ll look back. You were part of a very important part of history, and you were there, and you were persecuted.”

She boldly declares about the #WalkAway founder, “We need you more than ever right now because of what’s happening in this country with this illegitimate president in the White House dragging this country down. I think you may need to change it from the WalkAway movement to the Sprint Away With Your Life movement.”

Prophetic voices are often not welcome in their own land, but God is using Kari Lake to stir up the hearts of people with a similar desire for the truth and freedom—and a return to Him, as Lake says, “in our hearts and homes.” She has a voice that can no longer be ignored or diminished. Her prophetic declarations are reminiscent of another media-savvy, Bible-believing, freedom-loving “politician” whom God raised up to reshape America: President Ronald Reagan. {eoa}

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer for Charisma News.

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