Lawmakers Say National Prayer Breakfast Sorely Needed To Help Unify America


With the U.S. Capitol deeply divided over partisan politics, lawmakers are coming together this week for a time of prayer.

The 70th annual National Prayer Breakfast takes place on Thursday.

CBN News spoke with Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), who says there’s no more important time for lawmakers on both sides to grab each other’s hands and seek God’s will.

Shared faith can build powerful relationships.

Coons told CBN News he’s seen it firsthand, during weekly Bible studies with a bipartisan group of colleagues.

“I’ve had a chance to hear really powerful moving stories from some of the most conservative Republican members of the Senate and it’s felt real bridges of friendship for us,” he said. “And I hope the weeks that I’ve spoken, they’ve seen the same that even though they think I’m terribly misguided and have awful policy ideas that I’m actually not that bad a person and a decent Christian and someone who is caring and a good friend.”

While a similar study group meets in the House, the prayer breakfast is a chance to bring in the rest of the country.

“My prayer is that we would still the noise, the anger, that we would make quiet our hearts and make space in our lives for that which moves us, grounds us, inspires us, and allows us to see the divine in each other,” Coons said.

President Joe Biden will speak in person at this year’s event after having to appear virtually last year.

As the pandemic continues and many Americans struggle with grief, Coons said he believes the president’s most powerful testimony is that of staying faithful through great personal tragedy. {eoa}

To read the entire article, visit our content partners at CBN News.

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