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Morning Rundown: DC Metro Rejects Christian Advertisements, Prompting ACLU Lawsuit


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DC Metro Rejects Christian Advertisements, Prompting ACLU Lawsuit

A recent lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and First Liberty Institute against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has stirred up discussions about religious freedom and the First Amendment. The lawsuit claims that the WMATA’s advertising policies violate the First Amendment after the authority denied an advertisement from WallBuilders, an organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes.

WallBuilders sought to have its ads placed on the side of WMATA’s buses to promote its religious and educational mission. However, the WMATA refused to run the ads because according to the WMATA’s “Guidelines Governing Commercial Advertising,” advertisements that “promote or oppose any religion, religious practice or belief” or “intended to influence members of the public regarding an issue on which there are varying opinions” are prohibited.

The lawsuit also points out that the WMATA has accepted other ads addressing controversial issues, such as a “Social Justice School,” “Earth Day” and the highly controversial idea of term limits for Supreme Court justices. This inconsistency in policy raises questions about the WMATA’s commitment to upholding the First Amendment.

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The Jesus Revolution of 2023: From Asbury to Gen Z, Revisiting a Year of Revival

This year we witnessed a powerful move of the Holy Spirit across college campuses, beaches, prisons and churches—so much so that 2023 could be dubbed a “Year of Revival.” It could even point to the beginning of what many have called a spiritual awakening in America.

Faith leaders have testified that “revival is happening” in pockets across the U.S. spanning different age groups, denominations and backgrounds.

The Asbury Awakening

Many would say that the biggest “firestarter” of them all was a simple worship service at Asbury University in Kentucky where 100 people fell to their knees and bowed at the altar in Hughes Auditorium, just to worship God.

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Update: Iowa Governor Weighs In on Satanic Display

In recent days, a controversial display has been erected in the Iowa state capitol by The Satanic Temple Iowa. This display, which features a silver ram’s head on a red-caped mannequin, has sparked significant debate among politicians and citizens alike. Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds expressed her disapproval of the display, calling it “absolutely objectionable.”

The display is scheduled to remain up for two weeks, and its presence has prompted discussion about the limits of free speech and religious expression on government property. Iowa state Rep. Jon Dunwell, a Republican and Christian pastor, shared his thoughts on the matter, stating that while he personally finds the altar “objectionable” and “classified as evil,” he believes it is not the government’s place to arbitrate religion.

On the other hand, Iowa state Rep. Brad Sherman, another Republican and pastor, argued that the display violates the 1857 Iowa Constitution, which set the state apart to God and invoked His blessing. He urged Gov. Reynolds to have the statue removed from the capitol and called for legislation banning satanic displays from government property altogether.

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