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Morning Rundown: IHOPKC Update: Misty Edwards Provides Insight Into the Mike Bickle Investigation


Here’s a quick rundown of the top stories on cn.mycharisma.com:

IHOPKC Update: Misty Edwards Provides Insight Into the Mike Bickle Investigation

In a post on X, Misty Edwards, one of the top worship leaders to come out of the International House of Prayer Kansas City ministry, is sharing on X an “Appeal and Protest Statement” collaborative by the suggested ‘Jane Does’ in the Mike Bickle misconduct investigation. Edwards says that there are ‘Janes Does’ of the case who have been “wrongfully identified” by the advocate group in this case.

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Cult Leader Revealed: Shocking Revelations of False Prophecy and Tragedy

In a shocking turn of events, a self-proclaimed pastor, Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, leader of the Good News International Church, has been exposed as a cult leader, leading his followers to a tragic end. The revelation comes after mass graves were uncovered in Shakahola forest, southeast Kenya, containing 429 bodies, with signs of starvation and disturbing markings consistent with strangulation and suffocation, particularly among children.

Mackenzie, who allegedly encouraged his disciples to starve themselves in preparation to “meet Jesus,” now faces serious charges, including murder, manslaughter, radicalization, cruelty and child torture, among others. Over 90 individuals associated with the cult will also be charged in connection with these heinous crimes.

The shocking details emerged when investigators, acting on a tip from a local rights group, rescued 15 emaciated members from the Good News International Church. Tragically, four of them later succumbed to the ordeal. Survivors recounted being confined without food or water for five days, wrapped in blankets and buried alive.

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Dr. Colbert Unveils the Power Foods to Help Your Brain and Gut Health

In his feature article of Charisma Magazine Online, Dr. Colbert is unveiling the powerful foods to help rejuvenate and revitalize your brain and gut health for the best.

“Few people get enough fiber in their diets,” Colbert writes. “Scarcely any of my patients consistently meet their fiber needs, and a mere 5% of Americans fulfill the requirements for adequate fiber intake. Therefore, it’s common to see patients with low-fiber symptoms such as constipation, inability to lose weight, low energy, hunger soon after eating and craving between meals.”

So, what are some of the best ways to gain enough fiber? According to Colbert, taking psyllium husk powder and drinking plenty of water are a couple of the best actions anyone could take to ensure their fiber intake is being met. {eoa}

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