Morning Rundown: This Is the Last Sign Before Jesus Returns


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This Is the Last Sign Before Jesus Returns

When it comes to the return of Christ, there are many signs and wonders that will accompany His coming before it happens.

In a word about Jesus’ return, Perry Stone shared how the last sign before the flood in Noah’s day and age was the man named Methuselah. He was the oldest person to live, at 969 years.

However, it was the meaning of Methuselah’s name that was a sign in and of itself. When the etymology of his name is broken down, Methuselah means that “at his death, it shall be sent.”

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Gazing at the Heavens: Bible Scholar Points to Eclipses During Jonah’s Time and Christ’s Crucifixion

People all over the country are making plans to watch the solar eclipse when it crosses the United States on April 8.

“It’s pretty dramatic,” says Dr. Daniel Kennefick, a physics professor at the University of Arkansas. “A total solar eclipse is a very unique event because the moon, by a strange coincidence, happens to be the same apparent size, in our skies, as the sun. Of course, the moon is much smaller than the sun but it’s also a lot closer and it’s precisely the right distance that it blocks out the sun while leaving the area around the sun which means we get to see the solar atmosphere called the corona.”

Eight major U.S. cities will be in the path of totality – that’s the 115-mile-wide track falling under the moon’s central shadow.

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