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Homeschool Revolution: Escaping Failures in Public Education


Parents across the United States are waking up to the fact that kids are not being educated in public schools anymore, they are being indoctrinated.

A new survey by The Washington Post confirms many parents are fed up with the ineffective system spewing Marxist diktats on students, and are now homeschooling their children instead.

Compiling data from over 7,000 school districts in America, the Post found that there are now between 1.9 million and 2.7 million students being homeschooled.

While many of the “experts” expected that parents would send their children back to school once the pandemic-era restrictions were lifted, the increase in homeschooling students shows this is not the case.

“Homeschooling’s surging popularity crosses every measurable line of politics, geography and demographics,” says the Post’s analysis.

As reported by The Daily Wire, “The analysis looked at data from 32 states and the District of Columbia, which represent more than 60% of school-age children. The data is incomplete because some states do not have reliable tallies of homeschoolers, and 11 states, including Texas, Michigan, Connecticut and Illinois, do not require families to notify the state when they decide to homeschool.”

Meanwhile, the world’s largest podcaster, Joe Rogan, was joined by Tim Kennedy, a Master Sergeant with the US Army Green Berets and a Special Forces sniper with multiple combat deployments, to discuss the radicalization taking place in America’s classrooms.

Kennedy started an organization of his own to combat the “public school problem,” because the system in place has “indoctrinated this entire generation to hate America.

“When you look at the public school system and the Department of Education, it’s just a broken system,” Kennedy says, arguing most teachers are decent people but “they’re in a system that is forcing them, or they’re allowing to manipulate kids to radicalize them into really anti-American ideas.”

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Unfortunately, for every good teacher who is dedicated to their students and giving them the best education possible, there are those who seek to push their personal belief-systems onto the children and drive a wedge between them and their parents.

The Marxism driving this wave of gender confusion, racial hostility and economic insanity is derived from the various ideas and notions of Karl Marx, avowed atheist open about his resentment toward God, Christianity and capitalism, all three of which helped build the United States into the prosperous and blessed country that helped save the world from others who subscribed to Marx’s failed theories.

The scheme behind Marxist theories is the tearing down of religion, and the removal of God in all aspects of society. His replacement? A substitute god in the form of the State and its institutions.

Higher levels of academia have been infested with this corruption of thought for decades, filling the ranks of corporate America with “woke” ideology that is now trying to push their messaging through commercial means.

The removal of The Ten Commandments and prayer from schools are among the greatest factors that misdirected American history and education onto a much darker spiritual path. One devoid of God and His morality, His principles, His design.

Now, students are taught to hate America, and that she is an evil that must be done away with. They are being taught the gender is in a spectrum, and that God got creation wrong. Teachers have instilled in their students a demonically driven hatred for the nation of Israel, God’s chosen people, so deep that Jewish students are being threatened with death and harassed on college campuses across the country, while student Hamas supporters march in protests carrying German Third Reich symbols.

These indictments of the public education system, and much more, have led to the boom in homeschooling families who are tired of their children being taught anti-God, anti-American and anti-family values.

“Many of America’s new homeschooled children have entered a world where no government official will ever check on what, or how well, they are being taught,” the Post noted.

And we thank God for that. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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