Sean Feucht Leads Worship at Supreme Court to Help Strike Death Blow to Roe


After praying that justices will issue their final opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, revivalist Sean Feucht led worship from an undisclosed rooftop location overlooking the United States Supreme Court and Capitol buildings.

It has already been established, in a document that was leaked weeks ago, a majority of the court favors overturning the 1973 landmark ruling that legalized abortion. A final draft of the justices’ ruling in an abortion case portends Roe’s undoing; it is due in June.

Accompanied by David’s Tent prayer leader Jason Hershey, who shared spiritual insights about the building located across the street from the Supreme Court with Feucht, the #LetUsWorship founder sang over the city, declaring the Kingdom of God rules over the affairs of man.

“So, this place that we’re standing on has been a house of prayer here since the early 1980s,” Hershey, who has hosted prayer and intercession at David’s Tent on the National Mall for almost seven years, says in a video filmed from the rooftop location. “People have been praying here night and day around the clock.”

Three great leaders within the prayer movement—Dick Eastman, Dick Simmons and Tom Hess—began intercessory ministries near the building.

Eastman leads Every Home for Christ; Tom Hess oversees the House of Prayer for All Nations in Jerusalem, Israel; and Simmons lived and prayed in Washington, D.C., for 25 years.

“All three of them have their spiritual history and legacy of prayer at this same address,” Hershey says.

As a prayer leader in the nation’s capital, Hershey likes to think he’s a man of great faith. “But there are times when the battle gets to me, too.

“When that happens I come up here,” he says. “I stand up here on the rooftop, and I think about Jesus—the one who sits enthroned in heaven—laughing.”

When there are protests on the city’s streets, Hershey ascends the rooftop for a different perspective. “It’s like we’re seated with Christ in heavenly places,” he says.

For about an hour on Sunday afternoon, Feucht and Hershey led a small group of prayer warriors in intercession and worship near the Supreme Court, which is expected to soon release its ruling in an abortion case that will likely upend Roe v. Wade.

Watch the prayer and worship at the Supreme Court here.

Feucht flew to the nation’s capital for one day of prayer because ending the death decree within Roe v. Wade is vitally important to a revival of righteousness across the land.

“You know there’s so much noise right now from both sides, and everybody’s vying to be the loudest and the most extreme,” Feucht said of the politics surrounding abortion.

“I just feel like there’s something powerful about songs of intimacy that cut through the noise,” Feucht said between worship songs with Hershey and a group of intercessors who joined them to pray.

God the Father rescues people because of His delight in and love for them. “There’s something about abiding in the vine and, in that place, asking whatever you want, knowing it will be given,” Feucht said.

“I just feel like one of the most powerful things we can do out here on Sunday in front of the Supreme Court is to sing love songs to Jesus, counteracting the noise and the shouting and just believing that we are the apple of his eye,” Feucht said.

“He’s going to move because He delights in us and millions of babies,” he added. “We don’t have to twist His arm to do something that we know He wants to do.” {eoa}

Steve Rees is a former general assignment reporter who, with one other journalist, first wrote about the national men’s movement Promise Keepers from his home in Colorado. Rees and Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney attended the Boulder Vineyard. Today Rees writes in his free time.

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