Spirit-Filled Christian Stands Firm in Her Faith for Verifiable Election Result in Arizona


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Kari Lake, the Spirit-filled Christian who ran for governor in Arizona in last Tuesday’s election, hasn’t given up yet. She is boldly fighting back against election distortion.

Lake’s perseverance to ensure that the Arizona election reflects a free and fair election with integrity is a choice she has courageously and sacrificially made, despite the mainstream media’s narrative that she “lost” to her opponent Katie Hobbs, who refused to publicly debate and hid in a bathroom timidly when a reporter tried to ask her questions during the campaign.

Arizona’s statewide election has been widely exposed for irregularities, including malfunctioning voting tabulators, inefficient vote counting and excessive lines that verifiably resulted in voter suppression—a phenomenon linked to the Democratic Party’s COVID pandemic overreach, defying the common sense and security of voter ID laws, paper ballots and same-day voting.

In the aftermath, Lake’s bold efforts to make every vote count may trigger a recount of all votes in Arizona. No matter what the mainstream media outlets report, the election in Arizona is not over. An election is not done until the official certification is done.

Behind the scenes, Lake and her team continue to have voters validate their ballots individually—a process that is called “curing” the ballot. The mainstream media, which is heavily biased toward woke liberal activism, is not clearly reporting about it, seemingly celebrating Lake’s “loss.”

Ballot curing is typically a procedure where a voter is given time to correct a signature-related error that could cause the ballot to be dismissed. Lake’s campaign is encouraging voters in Arizona to double-check online if their ballots were counted or not. With the margin of Hobbs’ “victory” so tight, every ballot matters.

According to the Maricopa County Elections Department website, the final day for registered voters to cure a signature issue or provide an ID for a conditional provisional ballot is reportedly 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 16.

In addition, Lake currently has some of the country’s top lawyers and election integrity experts on the ground in Arizona to address the blatant problems that have characterized the Nov. 8 election.

God is not done with Kari Lake, who is considered among conservative Christians as one of the most inspiring leaders and, according to conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, is arguably the best communicator in the American political arena today.

Her higher purpose may not only be to come into her authority to govern as a conservative who honors God, but also to expose the corruption and opportunities for election fraud that rampant mail-in ballots have allowed. Lake has emerged as an election reformer to help save America, according to conservative pundits.

“Don’t think Kari Lake won’t fight this down to the bitter end because she will fight down to the bitter end,” said Steve Bannon, the host of the MAGA-friendly, conservative program “The War Room.”

Just as the Bible says that the way to destruction is broad but the path to life is narrow, Lake still has a narrow path to victory. It may take an act of divine providence to deliver victory to the populist Arizona Republican in the state affectionately called by her supporters as “Karizona.”

While prayer teams are actively praying for her all around the country, Lake and her team are exploring every legal option to prevent certification of the election.

One of the legal means is to make a strong case that there is a conflict of interest with Katie Hobbs, as Arizona’s Secretary of State, overseeing the election in which she is a candidate.

Under Arizona law (A.R.S. section 38-503), “Any public officer or employee who has, or whose relative has, a substantial interest in any decision of a public agency shall make known such interest in the official records of such public agency and shall refrain from participating in any manner as an officer or employee in such decision.”

Hobbs is Arizona’s chief election officer. It’s her job to implement the ballot measures, control the voting machines and supervise the election results. Hobbs is in violation of Arizona’s own conflict of interest law. The honorable thing would be for Hobbs to recuse herself, but, so far, she has refused to do it.

“Elected secretaries of state in Arizona have overseen elections where they’re on the ballot since statehood,” Hobbs claims in a CNN interview. “This has never been an issue until now, and I’m not going to recuse myself from the job that the voters elected me to do, and for which I took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the constitution and laws of the state of Arizona.”

If Hobbs were to listen to President Obama’s former Attorney general Eric Holder, she would recuse herself. Back in 2018, Holder accused Brian Kemp of conflict of interest because Kemp was running for governor of Georgia while being secretary of state of Georgia.

At the time, Holder said, “This is a guy who’s running for a governor while he’s the secretary of state. That’s like Lebron James suiting up for the Lakers and telling everyone in the game that he wants to referee the game in addition to playing for the Lakers. … That’s just not right; that’s just not fair. You can’t do both—he needs to resign.”

Unless Hobbs is a hypocrite, she would be ethical and do the right thing if she stepped aside. An audit of the election results is likely needed in Arizona. A whole new election day in Arizona may also be warranted.

It appears that God is going to use Lake to fight for truth and election integrity, which are both consistent with biblical values. Any election requires a certain level of faith, but people need to have faith in the election system. The transparency of an election should be above reproach and not even have the appearance of malfeasance. God should be honored.

Wisdom is needed to figure out how to ensure free and fair elections from coast to coast, but the Lord seems to have picked Arizona as the furnace of fiery election chaos. What Lake will eventually accomplish—and how she does it—could become a beacon of hope and a model for other states, mired in Democrat-run election manipulation, to stop election distortion.

The mainstream media and compromised, self-centered politicians, such as Liz Cheney, are gloating that Lake is in the equivalent of the fiery furnace of defeat. But, standing in her faith in Christ, she may be the one who comes out unscathed and prove that the last becomes first, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is also assuredly with her in this fiery furnace, reminiscent of the biblical story. The story of Kari Lake will likely become a testimony that will be used in the coming nationwide revival.

With a steep mountain to move, however, it’s not easy for many voters to keep the faith, but Kari Lake is proving herself as a resolute, self-sacrificial leader with steely resolve to smash through the paper-made wall of deception and inconsistencies.

Lake won’t be silenced.

Half-prophet and half-deliverer, she is digging in her heels to fight to free “Karizona” from the repressive control of government bureaucrats who are uncontrollably hungry for power and willing to do anything for it.

If Democrats have no issue killing unborn babies and cutting off children’s genitals, why would they have any issue with fraud in a Machiavellian way to keep a Trump-endorsed candidate out of office? The scrutiny in Arizona must be of the highest order, and there may need to be a statewide confession of election “sins” that will shake the establishment like nothing else.

The high standard of Kari Lake is exposing the lowliness of Democrats and sold-out, centrist “Republicans” in Arizona. Even if the institutionalized risk of fraud is not enough to swing an election, the incompetence in Arizona’s election processes is a concern for all voters, Christians and non-Christians alike.

Read more about Kari Lake here. {eoa}

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Anthony Hart is a freelance writer for Charisma News.


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