Stephen Strang: Tucker Carlson’s ‘Prophetic Voice’ Will Be Heard Again


tucker carlson foxThe firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News earlier this week will have major implications for the news media industry, Charisma Founder and CEO Stephen Strang says.

It may have come as a surprise to some people, but conservative leaders like Strang say it was probably inevitable considering the direction that Fox Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch has been heading the past few years—more and more to the left.

Some media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, say that Carlson was let go because of his commentaries on the Dominion voting system and the controversial election of 2020. That might have had something to do with it, but Strang says Carlson continued to speak truth on the air, even when pressured from the network to back off.

“I certainly think what happened with Tucker Carlson is another example of how upside-down the world is,” Strang says. “For a number of years, we were glad to have a major news organization (FOX) actually be more conservative than many others. It wasn’t actually that they were conservative, but they were fair and balanced.

Strang book“The thing with Rupert Murdoch and how they treated Tucker Carlson, and the fact that they are still trying to pretend that they are conservative, just goes to show you how upside this world actually is.”

Strang says “it is sad” that some Christian prophets “get off track” in delivering their prophetic roles in the kingdom. But Carlson, he said, continued to speak the truth and took on what Strang called a “prophetic role” in the media with his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Tucker Carlson had actually talked about how the nation had become more and more pagan, literally,” Strang says. “That was the topic of Jonathan Cahn’s explosive book “Return of the Gods.”

Carlson wasn’t the first popular Fox News host to be fired. The departure of conservative commentator Glenn Beck preceded Carlson, and it has become apparent what Murdoch’s intentions for his news network have become.

“The news that Tucker Carlson got fired doesn’t make sense,” says author and political commentator Eric Metaxas. “I’m trying to process it because the only reason half the people of the world watched Fox News is because of Tucker Carlson. So, why would they do a thing like that?”

Conservative political commentator and author Dick Morris knows the answer.

“Rupert Murdoch controls Fox Network with his body and soul,” Morris says. “He has been trying to move to the left instead of being a straight conservative network. Most particularly, they have been trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States.

“Murdoch exists because he want’s political power, not to win a Pulitzer Prize for journalism. Randolph Hearst was the same way. He wanted to be a political boss dressed up as a media person. When Trump announced he was running for president again, Murdoch announced that he would oppose Trump.”

When the controversial issue of the Dominion voting system turned into a lawsuit against Fox, Morris says Fox’s commentators, including Carlson, “shut up” about it. He says “Fox hasn’t dared utter a peep about it.”

March CM CoverBut the firing of Carlson, Morris says, gives Murdoch the opportunity he has looked for over the past few years—to move to the left.

“And he is exploiting this, which includes firing Carlson,” Morris says. “Murdoch didn’t want to be frozen out of society, and he wanted to come in from the cold. He couldn’t do that as long as Fox was a right-wing network.”

So, who’s the next target at Fox? Sean Hannity? Laura Ingraham? Only time will tell.

Media reports say that Tucker Carlson has received many job offers since his firing from Fox. It’s no doubt, Strang says, that we will hear from Carlson’s truthful, “prophetic voice” again soon. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.


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