Supernatural Signs: Solar Eclipses Converge Over ‘The Empty Cross’ in Texas


In our current era, remarkable events are unfolding, alluding to the imminent fulfillment of biblical prophecies, including the rapture of the church (1 Thess. 4:16) and the return of Christ in judgment (Rev. 19:11).

Bible scholars widely acknowledge that a multitude of signs have come to pass, causing both concern and anticipation as we witness the rapid advance of evil against God’s children, including Jews and Christians.

History bears witness to the rebirth of Israel as a nation on May 14, 1948, precisely as foretold in Isaiah 66:8. Jesus is anticipated to return as the conquering King, riding a white horse, prepared to wage war against those who have rejected His love and persecuted His followers (Ps. 9:8). This event, described as the “great and terrible day of the Lord,” (Joel 2:31), will reveal a stern countenance, with “fire in His eyes,” (Rev. 2:8).

The Holy Spirit emphasizes that the Lord’s return will not be as a gentle lamb but as the mighty Lion of the tribe of Judah. It is paramount to stand with Him, not against Him, on that fateful day.

Scholars and contemporary prophets concur that prerequisites for Christ’s return have been met in our generation. Time is running short for humanity to turn to the cross and repent. The question arises: how long can a just and loving God bear witness to the widespread killing of innocent unborn babies and the heinous abuse of children in our enlightened society?

Considering the proximity of these events, could it be that one of God’s celestial signs in the last days (Acts 2:19-21) manifests as the convergence of two rare Solar Eclipses directly over “The Empty Cross,” a seven-story sculpture within The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas?

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This location, situated on the same latitude as Israel, holds a special significance to God, supported by undeniable supernatural occurrences.

Beyond its resemblance to the Holy Land in terrain and appearance, this 24.5-acre Texas Hill Country land has been a site of documented miracles, signs and wonders. Over a million people from around the world have sought God’s intervention, salvation, healing and deliverance at this Christian site.

Thousands have witnessed the manifestation of Shekinah Glory Dust (Exod. 34:29; Isa. 60:1) on their clothes, faces, hands and Bibles—a spiritual substance that resembles fine glitter, verified by scientific analysis. Additionally, thousands have captured images of peculiar luminous orbs believed to be angels (Ezek. 1:15-22) in flight, suggesting a connection to heavenly realms. Many Christians perceive this specific location as a portal where angels ascend and descend (John 1:51).

The 77′ 7″ hollow cross sculpture at this site has been seen by millions of people traveling on Interstate 10, connecting California and Florida. Countless others have learned about this unique spiritual art garden through various media channels. Remarkably, the paths of the Oct. 14, 2023, Annular Solar Eclipse and the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse converge deliberately. Many believe this convergence, forming a colossal cross in the sky directly above “The Empty Cross,” is not a random occurrence but a divine sign—a message from the Creator Himself. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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