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The Rising Influence of This Powerful Group May Save America’s Godly Values


Amidst a record level of Hispanic involvement in American politics, conservative activists and leaders from various faith-based organizations are highlighting the significant role that the Hispanic community is poised to play in preserving godly, conservative values in America.

The recent panel discussion at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit shed light on “The Hispanic Community and Its Growing Influence on the U.S.”

The panelists emphasized that many Hispanics share a strong faith component that aligns with the values cherished by faith-based voters, making them a vital part of the conservative movement. FRC President Tony Perkins strongly emphasized that point.

“When we look at the future of America, the Hispanic community is going to play a key role in preserving the values that you and I hold dear and that have been historically important in making America a great country,” Perkins says.

In agreement with Perkins, Alfonso Aguilar of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles pointed out that the Latino community has been increasingly supporting Republican candidates in recent elections.

He attributed this shift to concerns over leftist agendas that promote gender ideology, critical race theory and question the nation’s history. Aguilar highlighted that the 39% share of the Latino vote received by Republicans in the last midterm elections was the highest since 1978.

“They are afraid—literally afraid—of this leftist agenda that questions the glorious history of our country,” Aguilar says, noting that majorities of Latinos voted to re-elect Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio last year.

The Hispanic division director for the Faith & Freedom Coalition, Nilsa Alvarez reported an unprecedented level of Hispanic engagement in American politics. She highlighted the fact that many Hispanic parents have actively participated in local politics, such as running for school boards.

“We’ve never seen the amount of Hispanic parents drop what they are doing and run for school board,’ Alvarez says. “It’s something unprecedented, yet so natural to the Hispanic community because we are, by the vast majority, conservative.”

Alvarez, from Tennessee, says a lot of Hispanics lobbied for a law in her state prohibiting drag shows at venues attended by minors. “We don’t want kids exposed to these sexual performances,” Alvarez says.

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Bishop Angel Nunez, the vice president of the National Hispanic Pastors Alliance, noted that historically, many Hispanics were discouraged from participating in politics, but recent events have prompted a change in strategy. Nunez emphasized the need to address the changing landscape in schools and society, where mentioning the name of Jesus can now offend some.

He stressed the importance of Hispanics having a voice in shaping the nation’s future.

“It’s quite obvious what’s happening in our schools,” Nunez says. “It’s quite obvious the laws that have been changed and the persecution that has come … to the state that we can’t even mention the name of Jesus without having somebody behind offended.”

Alvarez credited the Faith & Freedom Coalition for helping register more than six million voters and stressed the importance of providing voter education materials in Spanish. She emphasized that to reach the fastest-growing minority in the nation, organizations and churches should offer resources in Spanish and invest in Hispanic media.

Nunez echoed the importance of reaching Spanish-speaking Hispanics effectively, emphasizing that ads and messages should be crafted by individuals fluent in Spanish to resonate with the community. Aguilar added that while English-speaking Hispanics lean conservative, there is a significant gap with Spanish-speaking Hispanic voters. He stressed the need for conservative efforts in Spanish to bridge this gap.

The future of preserving Godly, conservative values in America is being shaped by the active involvement of the Hispanic community. Their strong faith, conservative values and increasing engagement in politics are contributing to a growing influence that promises to safeguard the principles that have defined the nation for generations. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.


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