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Top of the Week: Jenny Weaver Warns of the Two Priesthoods Rising in 2024


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Jenny Weaver Warns of the Two Priesthoods Rising in 2024

The new year of 2024 has been prophesied over by lots of different voices and ministry leaders, many of which who have warned about a need to cling to Jesus to avoid coming darkness and deception. But what if this goes even deeper than the basics of everything we’ve been taught? What if there are two different priesthoods rising up, one that is blessed, and one that is cursed?

In her prophetic word for 2024, Jenny Weaver gave what she considered a heavy, but important, message to the body of Christ for 2024.

“There are two priesthoods. The first priesthood will be cursed. This is a cursed priesthood. This is an evil priesthood. This is a prideful priesthood. Self-serving, they are lovers of filth. They mishandle God’s people, and they are defiled before the Lord,” Weaver says.

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Why Were So Many Christians Deceived by TB Joshua?

Twenty years ago, as I was preparing for my first ministry trip to Nigeria, a friend asked me if I had plans to visit a famous Nigerian minister named T.B. Joshua. I had never heard of the guy, so I did a bit of research before I flew to Lagos. I learned that thousands of Christians from Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States were flocking to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, the huge ministry of this so-called prophet.

I didn’t jump on the Joshua bandwagon because I saw too many red flags. I only had to look at a few pages of his magazine to discern that there was a strange spirit of sorcery behind this man. I had a sick feeling in my stomach any time I looked at his materials or watched his videos.

The spiritual revulsion I felt was confirmed when Pentecostal friends from Nigeria told me that Joshua was an occult healer who had only recently started using Christian terminology to attract big audiences. They said he used deceit and African magic (or “juju”) to build his following. He even claimed that his birth was miraculous and that his mother carried him in her womb for 15 months.

7 Typical Prophetic Buzzwords Given to Hype Crowds

Every year, many prophetic words are given to start the new year. Many prophetic words are just repetitive rewordings of previously hyped-up words. However, are they really prophetic words? With all the prophetic lunacy in much of the charismatic church over the last few years, we need to revisit the prophetic standards statement as a guide for church movements and Christ followers.

Also, I encourage you to check out the 2023 review of prophetic words given last year by Remnant Radio.

To aid the body of Christ in developing discernment, the following is a summary of some of the standard generic words or phrases that appeal to many despite the fact they rarely come to pass.

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IHOPKC Update: Misty Edwards Provides Insight Into the Mike Bickle Investigation

In a post on X, Misty Edwards, one of the top worship leaders to come out of the International House of Prayer Kansas City ministry, is sharing an “Appeal and Protest Statement” collaborative by the suggested ‘Jane Does’ in the Mike Bickle misconduct investigation. Edwards says that there are ‘Janes Does’ who have been “wrongfully identified” by the advocate group in this case.

10 Absurd Practices in the Contemporary Apostolic Movement

The apostolic movement is considered by many to be the fastest-growing expression within the church in the world today. My book, “The Global Apostolic Movement and the Progress of the Gospel,” is among several I wrote and is considered a must-read. In some of my writings, the blessings and abuses of this movement are covered in detail. (Refer to my book, “An Anthology of Essays on Apostolic Leadership.”)

As an adherent and proponent of the apostolic movement, some of the unbiblical practices therein have concerned me greatly. Many of my colleagues also consider them absurd and, in some cases, harmful. To be clear, the preponderance of the global apostolic leaders I know do not practice the following list of 10 absurdities.

Read about our NAR statement here. {eoa}

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