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Top of the Week: Megachurch Causes Stir After Easter Invites


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Megachurch Causes Stir Over Easter Invites

Megachurch Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been stirring up controversy over this year’s invitations.

Digital content creator Nikki Shearer explained in an interview with Pro Church Tools why the church will not be using key phrases like “the blood of Jesus,” “resurrection” or “Calvary” on their Easter invites.

“For us, the most important thing on Easter is inviting people to church,” Shearer says. “Easter and Christmas are the only two Sundays of the year that actually are wrapped around a particular passage in the Bible.”

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What’s Coming After the Eclipse?

As the Apr. 8, date of the Great American Eclipse rapidly approaches, many are filled with unease and wonder what is going to happen after the occurrence is over?

In a recent YouTube video, evangelist Perry Stone addresses the words of Jesus and what will occur as the precursors to the end times and the lead up to the Great Tribulation.

Stone starts by turning to the source of all wisdom: the Word of God and shares what Jesus says in Luke 21:11:

TD Jakes Named in Lawsuit Against Diddy

In the wake of a Homeland Security raid on rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs’ estates in Los Angeles and Miami, a list of celebrity names has been revealed in court filings for a lawsuit against Combs.

On that list is senior pastor of the Dallas-area megachurch The Potter’s House, Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Media outlet Newsweek listed the celebrities appearing alongside Bishop Jakes in the lawsuit:

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Kathryn Krick: Shocking Miracles of Deliverance From Mental Illness

God is still in the business of doing miracles today.

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, apostle Kathryn Krick shared powerful testimonies of healing from mental illness she’s witnessed during her time in ministry. The surprising, yet hopeful part of these testimonies is how many children have been set free from the bondages of mental health struggles.

“I’ve seen parents just so hungry for freedom for them,” Krick says. “Because a lot of people, especially a lot of children, especially like with autism … some of the children aren’t able to use the bathroom. Some of the children are biting and scratching their mom and having such trouble in school and unable to speak. Unable to make eye contact.”

Miracle and Healing Testimonies Explode at Mario Murillo’s Crusades

God is releasing miracles and healings in unprecedented ways at Mario Murillo’s tent crusades.

In a special interview with Charisma Media founder, Stephen Strang, Murillo discussed the exciting details of the healings happening at the crusades, including how many of them will be documented in his film, “Living Proof.”

“The miracles that we are seeing are happening on hearts, bodies, nerves growths, people that have been hopelessly ill that had been healed by the power of God,” Murillo says. “In the tent itself, people have been healed and left, found out later that their symptoms had vanished. [They] went to their doctor, doctors found out that growth were no longer in their body.”{eoa}

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