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‘We Serve a Miracle-Working God!’ Wife of Pastor Shot in Head Incredible Update


The wife of an Arizona pastor who was shot in the head while street preaching has revealed stunning details surrounding her husband’s miracle recovery.

“We serve a miracle-working God,” Zulya Schmidt wrote in a Sunday Instagram post, sharing photos and a video of her husband, Hans, doing remarkably well just months after he was nearly killed. “He walks, he talks, he even plays the drums.”

Two photos—taken Jan. 28—show the couple standing by one another, and a video shows Hans playing the drums. The photos and video are remarkable, considering how recently the preacher nearly died.

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As CBN News reported, Hans, a 26-year-old dad of two, a military combat veteran, and the outreach director at Victory Chapel First Phoenix in Arizona, was taken to the hospital Nov. 15 on suspicion of having been assaulted.

But a CT scan revealed he had been shot. Schmidt soon descended into serious condition, as his family prayed for a miracle, imploring others to do the same.

Now, it seems, those invocations have been answered.

“God has done an incredible work in Hans’ life and every day he continues to improve,” Zulya’s Instagram post continued. “Please continue to pray for a full restoration.”

Zulya told CBN News last month she and her family were asking God for a miracle despite the many unknowns at the time.

“We’re hopeful, and we’re praying, and we’re contending for a supernatural recovery,” she said. “But there’s just so much unknown still, so much uncertainty.”

She emphasized at the time, though, that there was hope.

“Every day, we’ve been able to witness a miracle,” Zulya said.

Zulya also shared details about what unfolded the evening of the shooting, noting Hans was street preaching as he has frequently done over the past year.

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“He’s been doing that for over a year, and, usually, he street preaches for 30 minutes before every evening service for our church,” she said. “That day, he just ended street preaching early, and I thought that was odd.”

Schmidt said Hans loaded the sound system into the car after being shot and drove to the church. She suddenly noticed he was bleeding and assumed someone had potentially thrown a bottle at him while he was speaking or injured him in another similar way.

“I had no idea what really had happened,” she said. “He drives our vehicle to the church [and] unloads the sound system.”

Schmidt was increasingly concerned by her husband’s bleeding and convinced him to go to the hospital. On the way, she said he started throwing up; by the time they reached the emergency room, he was seizing.

At the time, even the doctors treating him were unaware he was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. It was only after a CT scan that physicians found the bullet—a revelation that left his wife completely stunned. To make matters worse, by that point, Hans had become unresponsive.

“My heart sank,” Schmidt said. “I just felt sick to my stomach.”{eoa}

To read the full story, visit our content partners at CBN News.

Reprinted with permission from Copyright © 2024 The Christian Broadcasting Network Inc. All rights reserved.

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