What Can You Do If Your Local Election Board Appears Illegitimate?


As we approach mid-term elections this fall, we all would like to feel the election process has been rectified after the concerns from the 2020 election. What I found in Oklahoma regarding voter registration has left me extremely concerned. Could this same issue be happening where you live? I challenge you to find out.

I recently contacted the Oklahoma Election Board to request voter registration applications. In April, I am running a two-day event in Tulsa (the second largest county in the state) with a likely attendance of 16,000. It is quite conceivable that at least 10% of attendees will not be registered to vote—likely more. Thus, we wanted to provide an opportunity for attendees to register at the event.

As required, I reached out to the election board giving the above information. We initially requested 1,800 applications. However, we received immediate push back for the requested number. We reduced the request to 1,200. Afterward, I was told to submit an online request which would need to be approved by the board.

Although I had reduced the request to 1,200 for the projected 16,000 attendees, I was told that they could not accommodate that number as they had to be sure they would have enough applications for other requests. In the end, they approved a mere 500 applications. My request was made four weeks prior to the event which provides ample time to print additional applications. So, what is the real reason they refused to approve the requested number?

Perhaps, like me, you thought the goal of the election board was to help citizens register, not hinder the process. Perplexed by their response, I emailed the Public Information Officer, Misha Mohr. Here is our back-and-forth correspondence:

Hi Misha,

I’m surprised that for an event of 16,000 people attending in two days we have only been approved for 500 applications? I thought the goal of the election board was to help us get voters registered. The numbers given and the potential do not match the number approved. If you do not have enough supply at this time, there should be plenty of time to get more printed before the event.

I’m curious why the approval is so low if the goal truly is to help people register to vote. I hope the board will reconsider.


Karen Hardin

To which I received her prompt response:

Ms. Hardin,

As I explained earlier, we receive requests from many organizations across the state for Voter Registration Applications and must be cognizant of supply and demand. Additionally, we [are] required to maintain an adequate supply to distribute to all 77 county election boards, in addition to statewide voter registration agencies.

Once your supply has been depleted, you are welcome to print additional applications from our website at (website she provided). You may also obtain additional forms from your County Election Board office.

For large events, we recommend creating a QR code directing people to the online OK Voter Portal “wizard” at (website she provided) which will allow people to complete a voter registration application using their phone. They can email the application to themselves, then print and mail the application to their County Election Board at a later date.

Voters may also register through any County Election Board, motor license agent that issues driver’s licenses and state IDs, and public assistance agencies. Applications are also available at most libraries and post offices.

Misha Mohr

Public Information Officer

NVRA Coordinator

Oklahoma State Election Board

Oklahoma State Capitol, Room G28

[email protected]

Let’s remember, the election board is to assist citizens who desire to register to vote. If the goal of our election boards is to provide applications when requested so we can register voters, then why are they refusing my request to provide them?

At my upcoming event we will not have access to computers or tablets in order to register voters online as was one of the suggestions. Additionally, to tell me I can print additional applications at my expense and bring them is not my responsibility, but the responsibility and budget of the election board. To suggest that potential voters attending the event go to a tag agency afterwards when they could have easily registered at the event makes no sense if the goal is to help voters complete the process quickly and easily so they can vote in the upcoming mid-terms.

And perhaps that is the issue. Did I mention that my event will most likely draw a decidedly conservative audience? Could that be the reason the election board refuses to provide an appropriate number of applications based on the request and number of attendees?

I live in a red state that has been targeted hard by the Left to flip it from red to blue. Californians have been offered $10K by a Democrat billionaire to move to our state and live here for a year. It seems rather strange that in what has been a decidedly conservative state, one in which not a single county voted for Biden, that the City Council is made up 7-2 of Democrats and the “Republican” mayor is a progressive who wanted to run as a Republican in order to get his progressive agenda established. The majority of his staff are Democrats. Seem odd?

So, this is my challenge. What about your election board? Your city? Have you tried to request applications for a registration drive? Have you considered hosting one? I suggest you do so and find out the response. It can be very telling. {eoa]

Karen Hardin is a literary agent and writer. She is the author of Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity and God’s Justice after Injustice. Her work has been published in USA Today, Western Journal, World Net Daily, Intercessors for America, Charisma, CBN.com and more. She is the co-founder of the city-by-city.org prayer movement and founder of AwakeOklahoma.com to take back our cities and nation.

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