Ice Spice

When Ice Spice Brought Satan to the Super Bowl


During the Super Bowl, God was given lots of glory throughout the night, except by one particular person: Ice Spice.

The rapper joined Taylor Swift, who was there supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. But not everything was as innocent as it seems.

In a video posted on X, Ice Spice can be seen making hand gestures at the game which are based on demonic, satanic symbols. Not only did she make these hand gestures, but she wore the upside down cross, which is know as a satanic, anti-Christian symbol. In the clip she can be seen holding onto the piece of jewelry after making these hand signals.

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To top off the outright Satan-supporting actions, Ice Spice donned an all-black Balenciaga outfit. The brand became controversial after a previous children’s holiday campaign was accused of promoting child abuse and sexual-laden activities. The collar on Ice Spice’s shirt had the brand’s label on it.

What makes Ice Spice’s actions and clothing choice more questionable to the Christian community is part of her collaboration with Taylor Swift on her song, ‘Karma.’

It was in the music video for ‘Karma’ that Swift described karma as being good to her, a god, even her boyfriend. Taking the entire scenario further, Swift showed a demonic realm in the music video with women surrounding her with masks. This mirrored Sam Smith’s Grammy performance from last year when he dressed up as Satan with an entourage of “demons” surrounding him while he sang ‘Unholy.’

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As Ice Spice’s connection to Swift does not make her actions surprising, she unfortunately represents the next celebrity to go down a dark road for the sake of fame.

This year, Ice Spice herself had the opportunity to be featured in a Super Bowl ad for Starry lemon lime flavored soda. On the surface, it would appear that Ice Spice has received fame, attention and acceptance into the most astute group of celebrities with Swift. Yet, there is so much more she is actually missing out on.

In the story of the rich young ruler, Jesus asks just one thing of the man who wants to inherit eternal life: sell his earthly possessions and follow Him. The young man was saddened by this, and went back to his earthly belongings. It was following this that Jesus said, “Many who are first will be last, and the last first,” (Mark 10: 31).

When we look at celebrities, including Ice Spice, we must remember that life is not always about what has been acquired in riches and fame—especially if it includes celebrating and supporting that which secretly wants to kill us. Instead, by seeking the kingdom of heaven first, we will gain the heavenly treasures worth more than anything this life could ever offer. {eoa}

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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