Why RT Kendall’s Limitless Energy for the Kingdom at 86 Should Inspire You to Stay Fit


I’ve known R.T. Kendall for a long time. He has published many, many books with us at Charisma, and we are so proud that such a great man of God has chosen to do God’s work through us.

He is a tireless worker for the kingdom, and he shows a great deal of stamina to continue to do what he does for Jesus. Today, July 13, R.T. turns 86 and, to my surprise, he let me in on a little secret as to why he continues to have limitless energy. He works out constantly, and he attributes a great deal of his attitude toward health and exercise to me.

When you look at him today, you would never know that Kendall is in his mid-80s.

“I don’t know if you remember this, but you and [my wife] Joy visited Louise and me many years ago. It was while we lived in our house in the Florida Keys, and you mentioned exercises,” Kendall says. “I remember as you walked through one door, you put your elbows on each side of the door and then pushed yourself forward. From that, you came up with a bunch of exercises. That’s really where it all began for me.”

I do remember the visit to the Keys with the Kendalls, and I remember showing R.T. some stretches he could do to keep his body limber and healthy. I really do believe that it was a God thing. I sent him a little five-minute video, and that was before we had cell phone videos. I think I had a little flip camera.

The next thing I knew, Kendall told me he was doing those exercises every day.

“I kept watching the video and kept that up for a couple of weeks until I memorized all of the stretches and exercises you gave me,” Kendall says on a recent episode of the Strang Report. “As strange as it may seem, I did them all this day, yesterday and the day before. I have done them every day. When I’m home, I still do those same stretches.”

Most Americans are not as in good as shape as they need to be, and stretching and being limber are one of the most important things our bodies need as we age. Kendall is a great example of what can happen when you follow such an exercise regimen. You don’t need to feel void of energy and listless, like many Americans do every day.

You can even do stretches while you are at church. You may have to get creative with that, but something is better than nothing. I’ve given this advice to other people, but Kendall is the first one who ever really took it seriously.

“I came up with this slogan—’Stronger with Strang,'” Kendall says with a laugh.

At one point, Kendall says, he couldn’t do even one push up at a time. Now, “I can do 21 pushups a day now, but not Olympic standard,” he says. “I have not missed many days in the last 16, 17 or 18 years doing these pushups. … When people see me do them, they are amazed I can do it. And I am convinced it’s the reason that I can travel the world today. I thank God you got me started.”

As far as exercise is concerned, everyone can do something. If you are ever in the hospital, that’s what physical therapy is. They just have you do very simple exercises to try to get your range of motion back.

If we want to be limber, and if we want to live a long life, then we need to do these things to be healthy. Of course, that includes other things like getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods.

At 86, R.T. Kendall takes all of those things very seriously. At your age, no matter what it is, you should too.

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