How 1350 Men Broke The Addictive Shackles of This Rampant Sin


Southland Church in Steinbach on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies is taking on the porn epidemic firsthand with more than 1,350 men from their congregation going through a powerful cinematic DVD teaching series which shows men how to conquer porn and walk in freedom. 

The Conquer Series is a six-disc cinematic DVD series for men that uses war analogies to help men understand the battle they’re facing. Dr. Ted Roberts, host of the Conquer Series, has helped thousands of men find freedom. 

This epidemic continues to hit churches hard, with 68 percent of men struggling with porn on a regular basis. The consequences of pornography are nothing short of horrendous with marriages failing, and men not feeling worthy to lead. 

There are 1,350 men going through the Conquer Series at Southland Church, which represents more than 10 percent of Steinbach’s entire population.

Stefan Duerksen went through the Conquer Series himself and is now leading the charge at Southland Church.

He says:

We were just finishing a message series on Marriage and Sexuality and were looking for “next steps” in taking what we were learning and applying it to the sexual and relational brokenness that is so prevalent in our culture and church. I ordered a few different series to see what would fit best within our church context. It didn’t take long to realize that the Conquer Series was exactly what we were looking for. I ran a test group and was personally impacted and knew right away we had a winner. I spoke with our Lead Pastor, Ray Duerksen; he announced it to the church, and within a few weeks we had 1,350 men sign up and begin their own journey. The Conquer Series brilliantly navigates sexual bondage and the path to freedom using Scripture and the latest in brain research—I would highly recommend!

Southland Church encouraged every man in their congregation to go through the Conquer Series. They are running groups on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for five weeks and have a waiting list of more men who want to attend the course. 

Thankfully, there are thousands of churches who are starting to run the Conquer Series, already helping more than 350,000 men take a stand to kick-start their journey toward sexual integrity. {eoa}


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