Is this the Forgotten Key to Christian Living?


In a fast-paced world, sometimes even Christians can forget what it means to slow down and spend time with God. Perhaps, there’s a key to living like Christ that we’ve forgotten.

“So many times we’re so distracted and it becomes addicting,” Garcia says. “Not every addiction is something that is completely horrible and destructive like maybe substance abuse or different forms of immorality.”

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So, what is the easiest way to kill our drive for constantly needing more and more information all the time?

“Contentment and in your simple relationship with God and your relationship with others will cause you to see the mundane things as moments of great enjoyment,” Garcia says.

Garcia says it is in the times we take to be alone with the Lord in prayer and meditation on the Word of God that transforms and renews our mind for the better.


“What we begin to notice is the washing of the dishes becomes an act of worship. The playing with our children…becomes a moment of praise,” Garcia notes.

As we allow the glory of God to enter these tasks, our life no longer is about ourselves, but rather about God’s presence in every single area of our lives.

“The reality is just as Christ took on flesh and divinity took on humanity, there is a shared space and God wants to share space with you. Not just in times of prayer, but also in times of family relationships and all of these things,” Garcia says.

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