Is God Really in Control of America?


We keep hearing from the pulpit that Washington, D.C., and politicians can’t fix the problem with America—that only God can fix it.” Really?

God didn’t botch up our nation! Politicians and people did!

God gave his children dominion over the earth and, recently, we’ve allowed politicians to destroy everything we claim to stand for.

The devil wants us to believe it’s all up to God to turn this nation around so that we believers will sit idly by and do nothing while Satan works around the clock through anyone he can find to do his bidding.

Should we pray? Absolutely! But, that’s not all he wants from us. We are God’s voice in the earth, and we must awaken the church (to confront our leaders) if America is to survive.

Several million believers don’t even bother to vote. Yet the destiny of our country’s existence is in our hands, not God’s.

He is the head, but we are the body. If we’re not His voice in the earth, then why preach the gospel? If God has entrusted us to be the ones who transfer eternal life to people through His Word, isn’t it a small thing to impact what happens in our nation?

Without revival and without believers standing up for our rights, America is destined to disintegrate and the gospel will be stopped—no less through the hands of wicked politicians. We hold the power in our hands to reverse the curse the devil and his crowd has brought numerous cities and states in this great nation.

Ministers and saints alike must face reality and do what God says about it: “Occupy until He returns.”

The situation has reached critical mass.

Dr. Milton Smith is a teacher/evangelist. He has ministered on prayer, healing, faith and numerous other subjects by radio, television and the printed page. He deeply loves God and country & believes that we each have an obligation to uphold the great freedoms that God has given us. Visit his new page at{eoa}

Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Charisma Media.


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