I Believe Dr. Stella Immanuel and Frontline Doctors Have Been Vindicated and Deserve an Apology


When I heard that Anthony Fauci was stepping down in December as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, as well as the position of chief medical adviser to the president, I knew I needed to interview Dr. Stella Immanuel on my podcast the “Strang Report.”

It seems the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Fauci are now backpedaling and are admitting that the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent the disease, that masks are ineffective and that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin actually are effective. These are the protocols they previously demonized if anyone disagreed with the CDC “party line.”

Immanuel was one of the original frontline doctors who publicly said that the CDC was lying to the American people. America’s Frontline Doctors were canceled in many ways, and I know this because I interviewed Immanuel throughout the height of the pandemic:

  • In Aug. 2020 I interviewed Immanuel for my podcast on why the CDC does not want the American people to know about Hydroxychloroquine when it works in other countries.

  • In May 2021 I interviewed her again on the spiritual warfare she faced for standing up for her beliefs.

  • In Aug. 2021 we talked about the challenge to find pharmacies to fill prescriptions from doctors who are not part of the cancel culture or Big Pharma.

I had seen her on TV with the other Frontline Doctors, and had come to respect the stand she has taken. As I got to know her, I quickly warmed up to her as a person. I got to see what a dynamic Spirit-filled Christian she is and the strong belief she has in spiritual warfare.

As time passed, I had the privilege of publishing her book titled “Let America Live.”

In my podcast, which you can listen to here, Immanuel says, “I believe Anthony Fauci wants to resign now that he has done the worst damage, not just to America, but to the world. A lot of people died because of what Anthony Fauci did.”

Immanuel and others think it’s about time Fauci apologizes to the American people. However, she says that she does not trust the CDC even though they have backed down on COVID now, partly because of the upcoming midterm election and that voters are so disgusted with all the restrictions. However, she fears this is merely a reprieve and that later it will be something else that the Left, and the CDC, will use to control citizens. And I might add, take away our rights.

I have a special interest in COVID because during the lockdown in spring of 2020, I wrote a small book called “God, Trump and COVID-19” in two weeks. At the time everyone was trying to figure out what was going on, and I was trying to discern what was happening from a spiritual dimension. I went through the book this week to remind myself two years later of what I wrote. Much of what I speculated about has turned out to be true. The book, by the way, is still for sale on Amazon.com and sold on MyCharismaShop.

At the beginning of the pandemic I did podcasts with a few Chinese citizens now living in the United States who I was connected to by friends. I also interviewed missionaries in Hong Kong. They were saying in February 2020, a month before the lockdown, that the Chinese government was lying, and that the virus came from a Wuhan lab. This is all in my book. Of course I gave disclaimers that I could not verify it at the time, but now it has turned out to be largely true.

“You know during that time they had like a shadow government in the background controlling all nations. This stuff came from the WHO (World Health Organization), it came down to the CDC and it went to the hospitals and all the protocols were given and they were followed in lockstep in all nations,” Immanuel told me.

I have long felt that the virus, as serious as it may have been in the beginning, was used by politicians to fearmonger, telling people it was much worse than it really was and that there were actually cures that were being downplayed by Big Pharma because they didn’t get the big money from these other medications which were being used “off label.”

By the way, I had mild cases of COVID in December 2020 and again a month ago, and took both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and recovered quickly. I had two friends who died of COVID, and as far as I can tell, they did not use these medicines and ended up on ventilators in the hospital.

I believe a lot of the CDC regulations about masks and distancing weren’t really that effective. But not being a medical practitioner myself, I had no proof, and like a good citizen, I went along with the regulations back in 2020 when we didn’t know if this new pandemic was as bad as the “black plague” in Europe in the 14th century.

There is so much more that you can learn by listening to my podcast. In fact, Immanuel gave me information about doing spiritual warfare and actually praying and believing God to heal you if you got the vaccine (which is now creating a lot of health problems for those who took it), that we are putting it into a separate article to encourage people that they can pray and believe God to reverse any ill effects of “the shot.”

I want to say how much I admire Immanuel. She is a brave woman who has helped many people. Only a tiny fraction of her patients died of COVID. I think people like her who were willing to speak out, are partly what began the change in attitude on the part of many in the country that we shouldn’t necessarily believe everything that Fauci and Big Pharma said about COVID. Even conservatives were often fearful because they didn’t know who to believe. Now Fauci is changing his tune.

I encourage you to read Immanuel’s book, which you can buy at MyCharismaShop, and also to listen to the podcast that I mentioned, and to share this newsletter with friends, as well as the podcast.

And let’s see if Anthony Fauci and the CDC apologize for the havoc they created to the Frontline Doctors and others they canceled and demonized for views that now they admit were correct all along. {eoa}


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