Moms for America VP: ‘2000 Mules’ Film Reveals Urgent Need to Address Election Integrity


We all heard countless times in the mainstream media that the 2020 election was “the most secure” election in our history. Anyone who brought up irregularities and anomalies was called a conspiracy theorist.

But what do we actually know?

In order for people to believe the claim that our nation still has free and fair elections, we have to be able to examine the evidence for ourselves. A newly released documentary does just that and allows audiences to judge for themselves.

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Debbie D’Souza joined me to discuss the story behind the new movie 2000 Mules. Debbie made the movie with her husband, award-winning filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. For Debbie, the movie was personal. As someone from Venezuela who still has family in the country destroyed by socialism, Debbie saw how important elections are and what happens when people cheat. When political factions hijack elections, trust is destroyed, and with it, a nation.

Debbie said her “mother’s intuition” tipped her off to something amiss in the lead-up to the 2020 election. She said, “I had a very, very strong feeling that Biden was going to win and that he was going to win by fraud.”

Through volunteering with True the Vote, Debbie met Catherine Engelbrecht, who founded the organization in 2009 to ensure election integrity. Catherine, along with Gregg Phillips, worked tirelessly following the 2020 election to figure out what went wrong. There were so many reports of anomalies and suspicions about the election that Catherine and Gregg decided to put those theories to the test. Their findings were astonishing.

When Catherine and Gregg presented the data last summer, Debbie was stunned She learned through geo-tracking, video surveillance footage and forensic data that paid operatives broke our election laws to change the outcome of the presidential election. These vote traffickers, whom Catherine called “mules,” interfered with elections, using unsecured mail-in ballots to manipulate the election. Debbie said, “I felt like if we don’t fix this problem, we will end up like Venezuela.”

At Moms for America, we work with patriotic women across the country to help moms register to vote and vote their values. We know that there was record turnout for moms in many communities, because we met them through our MomVote initiative. Moms are waking up to the dangers posed by socialism, progressive ideology in the classroom, the dangerous “defund the police” movement, open borders and so much more.

Moms are passionate about election integrity. With so much at stake, we want it to be easy to vote and hard to cheat. Moms for America rallied for every legal vote to count and for election transparency and integrity. If we cannot trust the results of our elections, we no longer have government for the people and by the people. As Debbie’s husband, Dinesh, said, “Without free and fair elections we are not a democracy, we are a criminal cartel masquerading as a democracy.”

Political parties have been fighting to win the votes of suburban women, or in other words, the mom vote. Moms responded with active participation. This was not just about political interests; for moms this is deeply personal. Our children’s future is determined by the people we elect today. Moms want strong pro-American, pro-family values. For moms, our vote is our voice in the government.

Elections must be secure for the American people to have faith in the process. Otherwise, as Debbie warns us, our society will fall apart. If moms’ votes do not count, our voices have been silenced. We know that elections have consequences, and we have seen the consequences play out without our God-given liberties in recent years.

No matter what our party affiliation, we all must demand election security. When we lose confidence in the election process, we lose hope for our future. Debbie has a compelling story. She has seen what happens when elections are not secure, as in Venezuela. Like every mom, she is fighting for her children’s future.

Debbie also had a message for the “mules,” the people who stuffed ballot boxes and interfered with our elections. She said, “If you did this, have the courage to come forward and have the courage to tell who paid you and who made you do this.” Every mom should stand with Debbie by calling for election integrity and encouraging those who have broken our system of free and fair elections to bring the truth to light. {eoa}

Debbie Kraulidis is V.P. of Moms for America and the host of the Moms for America podcast. She has 25 years of experience in the television broadcast industry as a host and producer, including for Extra TV. She is the mother of three, a former elected official and a passionate advocate for liberty at home and in the public square. You can find more information about Moms for America at Listen to this podcast episode on the Charisma Podcast Network or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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