Health benefits that fit better than your worship leader’s skinny jeans


We all know how restrictive it feels to try to fit into the wrong style or size of clothes — health benefits plans can feel limiting in the same way.

If your current plan isn’t fitting your people’s needs, Brotherhood Mutual® can help you find a better solution. You aren’t stuck with the same group plans you’ve heard about for years.

A health benefits advisor can help your ministry find the right style of plan —

Individual Plans (1-4 employees)

• Employees learns about their options and choose plans to fit their needs

• Find the best coverage with top carriers

• Multiple providers and benefits to choose from

Managed Individual Plans (5+ employees)

• Individual plans are unified and managed externally to operate like traditional group benefits

• Lower monthly premium costs for employees and worthwhile savings for ministries

• Multiple providers and benefits to choose from

Traditional Group Benefits (2+ employees)

• Faith-based plans and broad networks available for groups of all sizes

• Traditional group benefits at a competitive price point

• Defined providers and benefit packages

These plan options can provide you with: more flexibility, quality coverage at an affordable price, custom plans to meet the needs of individuals and families, potential tax benefit savings, and other advantages.

Find what fits your ministry


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