Sean Feucht Decrees Mandate, Call to ‘Never Be the Same Again’ in Arkansas Rally


“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”

The crowd chanted, bobbing up and down like corks in time to the music blaring from under a bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is the sound of revival, and it’s spreading.

With arms linked together in holy unity and with one voice raised to the God of heaven, believers gathered for Sean Feucht’s latest rally in the Midwest, expectant to see fire fall afresh on their hearts.

“Arkansas is yours tonight; God, this state is yours,” a voice cries over the crowd.

“There is a mandate and a call to never let the fire go out,” Feucht declares, speaking to the hundreds of young and old gathered together. “There is a call to return back to your first love. We’re never going to be the same again.”

Those hungry to return to their first love, Jesus, were ready to receive the impartation of God’s presence with tears streaming and hearts open. Watch now.


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