An Urgent Prophetic Dream: Danger is Coming for America


Danger is on the horizon, and it is our job to pray against it.

In the dream, Angelini was in a crowd where she suddenly noticed a group of rowdy men moving toward her. These men were extremely tall, over 7-foot, and resembled giants.


The men in the dream had Russian accents and soon Angelini found herself in the dream running toward a house with a message: “The giants are coming.” Soon, she also found herself asking the question, “Where’s Sam?”

Finally, Angelini found “Sam” in the dream after searching for him in great length.

“I walked down the hallway again and saw a room with the door halfway open. When I looked inside, I saw a man in his late sixties sitting on a chair watching a black and white TV from the 1960s era. I also saw a man laying on the bed with his back toward me and I saw a four-year-old child sitting on the edge of the bed,” LeClaire says.

LeClaire says in this dream there became an urgency about “getting the guns,” but it was “Sam” that they ultimately needed.

“Sam was the one lying in the bed sound asleep,” LeClaire says. “Finally, Sam woke up and went to get the guns. Sam woke up just in time to rally a defense.”

As LeClaire says, this dream startled Angelini, and it soon became clear that “Sam” in this scenario was the American government, which many have dubbed as “Uncle Sam.”

“America was asleep. Uncle Sam was asleep. The giants were coming and Uncle Sam was asleep,” LeClaire says.

Once news coverage broke of Russian warships in Cuba, LeClaire says the ministry knew this dream was not an accident, but rather a warning that America is asleep while danger is lurking.

“Could this be the first fruits or the first taste or you know, Russia clearly trying to send a signal,” LeClaire asks. “Could this be like a modern twist of the Cuban missile crisis trying to bring in our remembrance this very potentially deadly situation from the 1960s?”

One thing that LeClaire points out is that while this dream is urgent and it gives us insight into a potentially frightening situation, the reason God allows for these prophetic warnings to occur is so we know how to pray to redirect the situation from happening.

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