Benny Hinn: Should He Repent?


Should Benny Hinn repent?

Before this most recent interview with Strang, Dr. Michael Brown discussed the topic of Benny Hinn’s repentance in an episode of his The Line of Fire podcast. Beginning with a prior episode of The Line of Fire, he evaluated past clips of Benny Hinn’s public renunciation of asking people to give a specific amount.

Now, years later, Brown is saying recent footage showed Hinn once again encouraging others to give large amounts of money.

“The exact thing he said he would never do,” Brown says, “He’s doing this.”

“Now if you go to Jesus Image where Benny Hinn ministers regularly, you may have thousands of young people saying he preaches the cross, he preaches the blood of Jesus, he preaches holiness … I’m not denying any of that. I am saying his own words condemn him. He’s done the exact opposite of what he has pledged never to do. He must repent and be accountable,” Brown says.

“We’ve had a real problem in the American church in general, with so many independent churches, but then in the charismatic church, in particular, with unaccountability. And we can just speak words, prophetic words, and whether they come to pass or not, we just keep going,” Brown says.

“Sadly, there was some promises I gave that were not accurate or from the Lord. But who’s perfect? And for that, of course, I asked people to forgive me. I’m just human and made mistakes like that,” Hinn says on the Strang Report podcast.

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