L.A. Marzulli: Are the Nephilim Connected to the Rapture?


“When you go into Scripture and specifically the conquest of the Promised Land, its very specifically, it names three cities that Joshua and Caleb did not go in. [One] is Gaza,” says Marzulli. “It’s right there in our Bibles. And I’m not saying that Hamas, you know, is in any way connected to the Nephilim, what I am saying is that territorial spirit, in my opinion, has never been deposed.”

That territorial spirit which desires to strike against Israel is one that we are seeing come to light not just in Gaza, but further north, perhaps predicting the prophecies from Ezekiel and Isaiah starting to come to fruition.

“Oct. 7 changed everything,” Salus says. “There’s no going back to the status quo in my estimation…the IAEA Inspector General Grossi came out May 19 and said that he is concerned that Iran is several weeks away, not several months, he says, from having a nuclear weapon.”

“What we find is God taking the helm supernaturally with a great earthquake,” Salus says. “When the great earthquake happens, troops who speak different languages are going to freak out.”

So, how does this territorial, Nephilim-like spirit connect not only to prophecy, but to the very last days of the rapture?

“As we see all the end times events converging, it used to be the super sign of the end times was the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948, fulfilling numerous prophecies, that’s when the world hourglass I think made its final tip and the end times clock started ticking,” Salus says.

As the darkness ramps up against Israel, ultimately, it is pushing us closer to the end, to the time when we will see the Lord make Himself known as the Holy One of Israel. He will not only show that He is God, but He will return for His bride.

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