Morning Rundown: ‘I’m Heartbroken’: Ex-Pastor at Gateway Church Responds to Robert Morris Scandal


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‘I’m Heartbroken’: Ex-Pastor at Gateway Church Responds to Robert Morris Scandal

A former pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, is speaking out in the wake of the Robert Morris scandal to share what he believes are helpful steps to address and prevent abuse in Christian circles.

Bob Hamp served as executive pastor of pastoral care at Gateway Church from 2005 to 2014, developing the house of worship’s Freedom Ministry, a component of the church’s outreach that helps individuals “find freedom from bondage in their life,” according to Gateway’s website.

Hamp told CBN News the allegations that Morris molested a 12-year-old girl in the 1980s were not known to him before hearing accuser Cindy Clemishire’s harrowing account. Hamp said he joined the church well after these purported events took place and had no involvement. He now runs Think Differently Academy, helping people heal and find spiritual fulfillment in Christ.

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The Dragon Descends Upon New York City

It has long been held that New York City is the gateway into America. When something takes hold in the Big Apple, it invariably spreads outward to the rest of the country.

So when NYC opens its arms wide for a dragon in celebration of the new season of HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” a prequal of the “Game of Thrones” series, alarm bells start going off for many who point to the spiritual ramifications.

Pastor Todd Coconato raised the alarm after a 270-foot inflatable dragon, Vhagar, was wrapped around the spire of the Empire State Building to promote the new season, and supposedly in honor of the building while “pledging allegiance” to the fictional king over the dragons.

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God Is Cleansing His Church Amid Pastoral Failings

Larry Sparks of Destiny Image recently joined Charisma Media to discuss the current spiritual climate and the preparations needed for a revival. He noted that the exposure of duplicity in major ministries is not a sign of destruction, but rather an indicator of increasing divine glory.

“The duplicity is being exposed because the measure of my glory is increasing,” Sparks shared, explaining that this exposure is necessary for God to establish divine order.

Praying for Justice and Protection

The admissions and accusations that have been brought against major ministry leaders within the past year alone, prominent names such as Mike Bickle, T.D. Jakes, Tony Evans and Robert Morris, have shaken the American church.

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