Morning Rundown: Rick Warren Unloads on Robert Morris Over Sexual Abuse


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Rick Warren Unloads on Robert Morris Over Sexual Abuse

The fallout continues after Robert Morris resigned from Gateway Church over furor following allegations he molested a 12-year-old girl in the 1980s.

Prominent Christian author and retired pastor Rick Warren isn’t mincing words in his condemnation of the reports about Morris. Warren posted to X saying, “I’m angry & disgusted to hear of Robert Morris’ sexual abuse of a child & heartbroken for Cindy Clemishire. To sexually use a 12 yr old child, then continue it for yrs, is not merely an ‘inappropriate relationship.’ It’s a crime. Sexual child abuse is an evil punishable by law. One can’t just confess when caught & move on with no consequences.”


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Governor Signs Historic Bill for Monthlong Fasting and Prayer

To combat the month of activities which have set American society on the path of degeneracy, one state is proceeding through biblical humility and action.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently signed a bill that will send a call out through the state starting on July 1, for 30 days of fasting and prayer.

While this bill is primarily aimed at the state of Tennessee, others could take note and follow the example set by the Volunteer State’s act of repentance and obedience before God.

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Judgment Begins With the House of God

We are living in times of great shaking, times of refining and purifying. How should we respond? In the words of the gospel song, and in the spirit of Isaiah 6, we should say, “Take the coal, touch my lips, here I stand.” Let the cleansing begin with me.

Without question, God is purifying His church, bringing the dross to the surface in the heat of His refiner’s fire. It is ugly. It is painful. It is grievous.

Many hearts are broken and many lives devastated.

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