‘Only God’: Couple Finds Jesus After Previously Getting Married as Gay, Transgender


“Only God can do that.”

Those are the words of Lex Renick, a female who formerly identified as a transgender male before she and her husband—who used to identify as homosexual—came to faith in Jesus.

Nic and Lex Renick got married May 30, 2020, when both of them were living out their LGBT lifestyles. They have since turned away from their past decisions, with Lex restoring her female identify and returning to the name she was given at birth and Nic abandoning his homosexual identity.

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The pair married one another as husband and husband but, since their respective salvation experiences, now identify as a heterosexual couple—husband and wife. They recently spoke with The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles about their salvation experiences in a lengthy interview.

Knowles, a Catholic, described the couple’s testimony as “one of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard.”

In addition to restoring their lives spiritually, Lex and Nic told Knowles they are seeing physical restoration. The two now share a healthy baby and, early on in their relationship, Lex underwent biopsies and was told she had cancerous cells in her body. But a doctor from Planned Parenthood recently told her, “This doesn’t make physical possible sense, but you no longer have any cancerous cells in your body.”

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“I think it just goes to show that anyone can transform or turn into anything that they want,” said Nic of their experience together. “But nobody talks about transforming back to the original design that you’re supposed to be.”

He continued, “The world can tell you so much about who you’re ‘supposed to be’ based off of your interests or your personality type, and try to fit you into all of these crazy, outlandish boxes that might … make you feel included for a time.”

For her part, Lex opened up about the fact she believed the “lie” of the LGBT community.

“The whole world in the queer community was saying, ‘Well, you know, if God made you then God made you this way,’” she recalled hearing. “[But] that argument doesn’t work with the trans community. Because, if we say, ‘God made me this way,’ then that means that I should have been a woman.”

Lex went on to explain to Knowles she found solace in the LGBT community, because she was desperate for identity and belonging—something she had not previously found in her family or faith.

She grew up in an abusive household—one that claimed to be “Christian”—with a mother who struggled with alcoholism and even once told Lex, “If I would have known that you were going to be my child, I would have aborted you,” a comment her mother made after learning Lex struggled with her sexuality and gender identity.

Every time she tried to find comfort and safety in her family or in a church, Lex said they would “reject me.” Ultimately, she found the belonging she desired in the LGBT movement.

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Reprinted with permission from Faithwire.com. Copyright © 2024 The Christian Broadcasting Network Inc. All rights reserved.

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