Top of the Week: Mandisa’s Cause of Death Released


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Mandisa’s Cause of Death Released

American Idol alum and Christian singer Mandisa’s cause of death has been released.

An autopsy confirmed that the Grammy singer passed away from complications of class III obesity.

People noted that the 47-year-old singer’s body was found at home by friends on April 18. In the autopsy report, she was “last known alive approximately three weeks” prior to when she was discovered.

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Carl Lentz Announces Newest Venture Amid Return to Ministry Rumors

After raising many questions on social media about a potential return to ministry, with a mixed reaction from many, Carl Lentz has announced he is not returning to a ministry position, but is instead starting a podcast.

“No, I’m not back” the Instagram video announcement read. “That guy is gone.”

The podcast entitled “Lights On with Carl Lentz” is scheduled to premiere on June 4, and will be available on all streaming platforms.

More Prophetic Voices Shed Light on Donald Trump’s Verdict

Last week’s verdict on the Trump trial surprised many. However, could there be something deeper than what we’ve seen on the surface?

In a prophetic dream from March 9, prophetic voice Chris Reed saw that July 11 would be a significant date. As we now know, the 11th is the date set for Trump’s sentencing. Not only was the date of the 11th important, but a year from now, July 2025, stood out to him as critical.

“It seemed like most of the chaos ended in the nation, and things started to heal by July 2025. It had started in April/May 2024 (with the eclipse/conception) and was 40 weeks of pregnancy with intense birth pangs,” Reed prophesied. “There were complications before the birth and after the (40 weeks) birth.”

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1 Million Methodists Leave Denomination in 1 Day

The United Methodist Church continues hemorrhaging members over their stance against biblical gender and sexuality, and those numbers just skyrocketed in recent days.

Following the UMC’s decision to remove wording in their central rulebook which said homosexuality was “incompatible with Christian teaching,” the denomination lost over 1 million members as the Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Conference based in West Africa voted to leave the apostate church.

Within the Ivory Coast Conference Declaration statement they claim the UMC in America “is not based on any biblical and disciplinary values.”

‘Ms. Rachel’ and ‘Sesame Street’ Celebrate Pride Month

There is a spiritual assignment against our children right now.

Content creator Ms. Rachel is known for producing videos that parents have flocked to for their babies and toddler-aged children. However, Ms. Rachel, whose full name is Rachel Accurso, has made it clear that she is all in for pride and would prefer if her conservative viewers simply didn’t look at her videos anymore.

“Happy pride to all of our wonderful families and friends,” Accurso says in a TikTok video wearing a rainbow-colored button down. “This month and every month I celebrate you. I’m so glad you’re here, exactly who you are, to those who are going to comment they can’t watch the show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way. God bless.”

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