CN Morning Rundown: Famous Comedian Drops Hollywood in Glenn Beck Interview


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Famous Comedian Drops Hollywood in Glenn Beck Interview

Rob Schneider has made a resurgence in his career, and it’s not in comedy.

Once considered the sidekick in Adam Sandler movies, and scoring a few lead roles in films for himself, Schneider has emerged as a voice of reason among the Hollywood elites.

Glenn Beck hosted the comedian on his podcast, and viewers were amazed at how relatable and well-read Schneider came across.

Should We Fast for a Great Awakening?

On April 21, 2007, the Lord woke me up at midnight and spoke a lengthy word to me about America. I have read over these words often over the years since then, and I’ve seen parts of this prophecy unfold. I am waiting for the ultimate fulfillment. I heard the Lord say:

“There is a Great Awakening coming to this nation. For I have heard your cries and I long to heal your land … Only those things which can be shaken, will be shaken that the sin in the land may be laid bare.

“Repentance. I require repentance from My people who have through the generations allowed the enemy to take ground in this nation. I require repentance for the abortions and for the prayerlessness. I require repentance for the apathy and for the idolatry. You shall have no other gods before me. I am indeed the God of America.

Spirit-Filled Pastor: ‘There is a Cost to Revival’

When speaking at the recent Turning Point USA Faith event in San Diego, Calif., Pastor Shane Idleman made this eye-opening statement for not only pastors, but the entire body of Christ:

“Pastors, without boldness and brokenness, we will accomplish little. Leonard Ravenhill once said, ‘You must weep before you whip.'”

Idleman is obviously looking forward to a Great Awakening in the body in the near future, but he says revival won’t come without a cost and that believers must surrender to the Cross to bring about such a revival. {eoa}


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